Random observations: Bones

I haven’t seen Bones in a while, but today I decided that I might as well… so I watched the episode The Ghost in the Killer (S09E12). The whole episode is weird as hell, giving that Brennan doesn’t act like her at all and the cases aren’t solved. Still, Dr Clark Edison and Hodgins have some great moments on this episode. But the thing that really got to me, and this is within the first couple of minutes which meant I couldn’t think of anything else during the rest of the episode, was the lack of scientific accuracy. I know this is a tv show and they get some great things wrong, but at least with the bones they try a little…

I’m not even going to talk about the piles of bones that Brennan sets up, because as an Anthropologist, she wouldn’t do that, but mainly, look at her hands!!! I know this was a dream sequence, but are we to believe that Dr Brennan, always so cautious and proper with everything, would really dream that a totally clean set of bones would actually present itself as an articulated foot? COME ON!!!!


When they do this when the skeletons get to the lab, I let it slide by… because maybe, for some miracle, the first articulations to go are somehow still present, and maybe it’s the mummified tissue… I’ll give it a pass… but clean bones? HELL NOOOO!!!!