I do not love Steven Moffat, is that a problem?

I’m a whovian, I like everything Doctor Who related! Eleven is not my Doctor, is that a problem? So why do people get ticked off when I point out that I really don’t like Steven Moffat as a showrunner?! 


I will explain: Steven has written some of the most amazing New Who stories, such as Blink or The Empty Child/ The Doctor Dances, but that’s just it: he’s an amazing writer… does that make him a good showrunner forDoctor Who? I honestly don’t like the series as much as I did the Russell T. Davis era. It’s not that Moffat’s story’s are more complicated and therefore harder to understand… is that sometimes there’s nothing to understand! I don’t like the whole “everything has to have a big important meaning!”.

The other day I was watching the series 5 finale and the Doctor told Amy why he chose her, because of her big empty house, and then I thought of how he chose Clara, his Impossible Girl, and I realized, I don’t like this Doctor. I liked the Doctor who picked up the best and only the best, and not because they were impossible or complicated, but because they were there and he liked them. That’s how Rose came to be, and Martha and even Donna. That’s how most of the companions worked in the classic series: they were there, they needed a ride, they were stuck on the TARDIS, and then they proved they were the best! Maybe this is why I never LOVED Amy… I did love Rory though, because he DESERVED to be there and I do not like Clara (I’m with the TARDIS on this one)!


And it’s not just the characters, it’s the stories… I think of how we met Clara’s family on the Christmas episode… It was dreadful! In the beginning of the New Who, we got the know the families quite well soon after the companion joined in, and it was great! I think Moffat overlooked some important stuff when he took over… I’m not even going to mention the fact that he brought the Time Lords back

Well, to which it’s own, I guess… I do hope Capaldi will bring a new life and light to the show and that they make something of Clara…

3 thoughts on “I do not love Steven Moffat, is that a problem?

  1. chorenn says:

    I’m very much with you on this. Luckily, my friends all prefer the RTD era, so we don’t get into arguments about Moffat. 🙂

    You’re right that Moffat does fantastic single episodes. And I agree with you that there doesn’t need to be some big overarching complicated story. I much preferred RTD’s approach, where there was a hint of a story dropped throughout the season (Bad Wolf, Harold Saxon, Torchwood), but it didn’t get in the way of the individual episodes, and then at the end of the season everything came together. Moffat gives you the big “here’s what you have to figure out” thing in the season opener (the crack in the wall, the impossible astronaut, the impossible girl) and then throws a number of episodes at you that don’t have anything to do with it but still mentions it, making the mention feel like an afterthought meant to keep you interested, and then ties it up at the end of the season. And sometimes the tie-up just doesn’t make sense. I hear a lot of people are very upset with the end of season 7 because the Doctor doesn’t actually die at Trenzalore, so there’s no timestream for Clara to jump into in “The Name of the Doctor.”

    I love your point about how the previous Doctor picked up companions because he liked them (most of them) or felt that he had to protect them (Victoria) or felt he owed them something (Tegan), and not because there was some big mystery about them. Oh, and I agree with you that Clara is just, well, nothing. Rory was awesome. He was only in the TARDIS at first because of Amy, but he became a great companion, and I think that’s a great story.

    One other thing I don’t like about Moffat is how he kills everyone and yet doesn’t. It’s gotten to the point where I expect the main characters to die and it doesn’t move me, because I know they’ll be brought back yet again. It’s very cool to kill off someone and bring them back using some timey-wimey thing — once. Maybe twice, if it’s separated by a couple of seasons. But he cries wolf too many times. It’s old now. Moffat is no George R. R. Martin, whose character deaths *mean* something.

    I do like the Eleventh Doctor, because he’s fun to watch, but I’m not fond of his stories. But he’s nothing special to me.

    Oh, and the phrase “timey-wimey”… I am starting to HATE that phrase. It’s over-used in the show as a crutch so that the writer doesn’t have to invent some technobabble. I like technobabble, especially clever, fun Doctor technobabble. But that’s just me. 🙂

    • MyTinyObsessions says:

      Agree!!! I do love 11, really do, it’s just that sometimes… well, the storyline is is just “WTF”… I’m not even going to go to season 7.2, because that was just a mess…

      “Timey Wimey” was great when the 10th Doctor said it, because it was so out there, but 11 just uses it way to much 🙂

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