“Spring” Break!

Wednesday is finally here! Oh yes! Well, by now it’s almost gone…I haven’t been home since the beginning of the year, and it will be nice to sleep in my own bed tonight!

I’ll have a great amount of 7 airplane rides in the next few weeks…

Barcelona → Lisbon

What’s great about going home for a few days? Well, first of all, I’ll sleep in my own bed, LOL!

Tomorrow, I’ll have a day with my nieces and my brother (who I haven’t seen since his wedding in September). And on Friday, my Mom arrives to Lisbon as well! Following this, we’ll have Easter, which means a few days of family (both sides of it), food and a lot of things to do. It’ll also mean friends! Eheh!

Then comes Monday, which I guess will be my only day off, because the next day is my grandmother’s 86th birthday, you can guess how hard work it will be…

Wednesday, the 23rd will be the beginning of my US trip this year…


Lisbon → New York → Las Vegas

From Lisbon, I’ll go to Vegas, oh yeah! I’ll be my second time in Vegas, but that city is always changing, I’m guessing it’ll look remarkably different from 2006. While there, we’ll go and watch “O” 🙂 .


Las Vegas → Los Angeles

My mom has this annual conference in the US, and every other year it’s in LA. Again, it’s my second time in LA, but there’s always things to see, right?


Los Angeles → San Francisco

This leg of the trip will be a road trip. I’m really excited about San Francisco, mainly because I’ve never been before. Also, SFO makes me think of Charmed!


San Francisco → New York → Lisbon

After 11 days, I’ll be back to base, back home, but not for very long… I’ll get there around 8 a.m. one day, and then I’m off again.


Lisbon → Barcelona

And then I’m again in Barcelona, back at work and stress and all those shenanigans… And just like that, 3 weeks will be gone 😦 .

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