Is it still jet lag?

Can it be? I’ve been back to this time zone for almost 3 days… is it possible that I’m still jet lagged?! When I got to Las Vegas, it took me a day to get into the routine in a -8 hours zone (although my headache lasted something like 4 days!).


But now that I’m back in Barcelona (where it’s a plus 9 hours that it was in California), I had no sort of headache, instead, it’s 8:30pm and I wanna go to sleep! That’s so unlike me… I love to stay up late and hate the mornings, but the last couple of days the mornings haven’t been causing me any troubles, the nights are! Is it because I haven’t set my sleep schedule right? Or I’m I really that jet lagged?! Can this possibly be what they say about travelling East being worse than travelling West?