Farewell Suburgatory

I finally had a little time to watch the final episodes of Suburgatory and I already miss it! =( I’m so sad that they cancelled this show…


It’s incredible how they dealt with the whole “Teens getting married”, I think that they got it right (within everything that you might think is wrong….). First, Malik’s proposal to Lisa was one of the most amazing proposals in TV history… and he’s only “17”. Second, I like that even though his family thought it was wrong for them to get hitched, they managed to be there to support them. Third, married life is not easy, still they’re willing to put in the work.


“This is why people don’t have their weddings on a school night.”

George and Dallas have a random hookup at Lisa and Malik’s wedding, but they both reach different conclusions to what it meant. George fells liberated, while Dallas feels it was a mistake and wanted him to fight for her. This I don’t get, because let’s be honest, she broke him in the end of last season, she left him completely alone in the house he had just bought for them. I would say that the ball was in her corner, and she failed to play it right…


Now for the maid of honour, Tessa, after running on fumes all season, she realizes that she wants Ryan Shae and she goes for him. Luckily he realizes the same thing just in time, which lead to a really strong make out session in the middle of the street, with clothes coming off… all of them – they couldn’t give us Parker Young for a couple of episodes and not show him without his shirt, right?!



More credit should be given to Carly Chaikin, who played Dalia Royce amazingly for the past 3 years. Seriously, she had the hardest job of anyone there, with that long crazy speeches and super funny facial expressions.


I will miss this show!

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