The power of procrastination (and brazilian soap operas)

Procrastination sometimes just has to win out! For the first time in I don’t remember how long, I spent the entire weekend doing absolutely nothing! Not one thing! I also did something I hadn’t done in around 14 years: I started to watch a BRAZILIAN SOAP OPERA!


Let me just say that while I was growing up, every single portuguese person watched all the soap operas that GLOBO had to offer! In fact, we are always the first country to run the “Telenovelas” after Brazil. But around the year 2000, one of our television channels started to produce good portuguese fiction, and the brazilian soap operas fell a bit in viewership. Truth is, I followed a few of the portuguese telenovelas since then, but no more of the brazilian productions. That is, until right now!


A few days ago I was watching a spanish channel, waiting for a FIFA World Cup game to begin, and there on my screen was a Telenovela (voiced in spanish off course, which I quickly changed to the original language). And just like that, I was hooked on Avenida Brasil! It took me exactly one day to decide that I wanted to watch the whole thing and to find the episodes online and start to watch them… and now I’m hooked! And I’m (almost) ashamed to say that I managed to watch around 30 hours of the series during this weekend… oh yeah… The couple of kids above totally steel the beginning of the series, they are so damn cute. But if you think it’s not reason enough, take a look at this:


I swear that when I was younger, we usually only got one of these per series… now look at it!


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