Congratulations Mannschaft!

This is a post I never imagined I would be making… a CONGRATULATION TO THE GERMAN FOOTBALL NATIONAL TEAM! And a THANK YOU, because for one of the few times in this World Cup, the team that won actually deserved it!


I never rooted for the Germans before and given that they started their course into this championship by defeating Portugal by 4-0, one wouldn’t think that I would ever root for them. It came down to who I hated less and who had played the best football… the answer came quickly: GERMANY! Within the 4 final teams, Germany and Netherlands were the only ones who actually played like a team, and not as a group of people with one excellent player. The Mannschaft was a concise group, were able to give an amazing football show, they were fast, on point and a united group. Let’s be honest, they’ve been deserving this since 2006!

Congratulations are in order as well to Manuel Neuer (Germany), who won the Golden Glove, being considered the best goalkeeper in the World Cup. I really liked Merkle reactions throughout the game, I don’t like her, but she was clearly enjoying herself 🙂 !


The Adidas Golden Ball had a total of 10 candidates:

And from these, FIFA picked the worst possible choice: Messi! I’m not saying that he isn’t a great player, I’m just stating, as so many did, that he was not, by far, the best player in this World Cup. Robben would be my choice, but even if they wanted to pick someone inside that football field, heck, Mascherano, Kross, Muller and Hummels would have been a far better choice… and I’m not even going to mention James Rodriguez!!!!


(not even Neuer is convinced!)

The Golden Boot went to James Rodriguez (Colombia). Colombia also won the Fair Play award, and Paul Pogba (France) won the Hyundai Young Player Award.

What am I gonna do without the World Cup now?! =(

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