Movie of the Week: The Fault in Our Stars

After weeks I finally found the time to go to the movies and watch The Fault in Our Stars. I must say, that although the book is sitting in my nightstand, a present from a friend of mine for my birthday, I still haven’t even opened it (truth is, dramas depress me!).


I walked in the movie knowing the general premise: it’s a book about teenagers with cancer, they fall in love and Gus dies! After weeks of raving reviews, friends telling me that I should take a whole bunch of paper tissues, I have to admit that I was expecting a pretty spectacular movie, with a pretty spectacular story.

So, there I was. I bought a package of tissue paper, a bucket of popcorn and there I went. Well, I liked it, but I didn’t “oh, it’s the best movie ever” kind of liked it. It’s beautiful, moving and sad… but predictable! Sure, I shed a few tears, but come on… it’s me… I cry watching any kind of movie… I cried harder on some scenes of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes today as well… worst for me was the eulogy scene, where Augustus makes Hazel and Isaac do their eulogies before he dies. But from the start I knew this movie wasn’t about how they deal with their diseases… it was always about who is left behind!

Still, worth watching, maybe I’ll like the book slightly more…