A to Z and Bad Judge

Yesterday NBC premiered two new sitcoms, A to Z and Bad Judge, what did you think about them? Here’s what I thought…

A to Z


In a very (500) days of Summer way, the narrator tells us that Andrew and Zelda “will date for eight months, three weeks, five days and one hour, this program is a comprehensive account of their relationship – from A to Z.”

It sound interesting and fun, and then I thought “crap, what if I like them? aren’t they telling us that it won’t work? then what?!”… but as I was watching I couldn’t help smiling and enjoying it and somehow thinking that it’ll all be ok… This one I’ll keep watching 🙂 !


Bad Judge


Wow… Kate Walsh, how far you’ve fallen… I don’t know what to say except that this was (probably) the worst pilot I’ve seen in a while. Incredible, the title and catch phrases correspond nothing to what we see in the pilot. Is she breaking the rules at night? Why, because she sleeps in her clothes? Has sex in her desk? Is helping a kid whose parents she put away? It’s all over the place, with no thread whatsoever and no real story…

I think this show may just be the first one to get cancelled… or if not, it will be in the first bunch.

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