The concept of democracy is lost on student’s strikes

What a sh***y morning! So, I assume you are more or less aware that Catalunya want to be independent from the rest of Spain, right? So they want to vote on it and have it somehow count as it did in Scotland… (I hate to tell you this, but Scotland IS a country… Catalunya is not…). But well, so the students at my University decided to do a 2 days strike in order to raise awareness (I guess) and in the name of democracy!


That’s fair game, right? It’s a democratic right, the right to strike, but isn’t also your right not to do it?! Here at the university, we always have some trouble when the students decide to go on strike, because they barricade the entry that connects the FGC (trains) to the campus, which means, that either you got off on the previous stop and walk a long while to get there, or you have to know your way around the university pretty well and still deal with this a**holes (pardon my french). So, I decided “I’ll go super early, I won’t have a problem then”… and damn it, I was WRONG! Apparently the guys slept in the university so to be there super early!


As soon as I went towards the entrance to the university, I saw them putting up the last of the elements of the barricade, when I approached them, they were sending a poor kid away and…

I told them to “open up”…

to what they responded that “there’s now way, there are other entrances to the university”…

well “honey” – “I’m here and I want to enter!”…tumblr_inline_n1z9u5FXQc1rssn1f

“go around”

“no” – by this time, 3 other university employees were there as well, trying to get in – “I’m not spanish, I have absolutely nothing to do with this stuff, I need to get to work, you’re going to open up”

to this the guy responded in catalan – which is always nice when you just expressed how you’re not even from his country – “I’m not going to let you pass! There is a strike!”


at this point one of the ladies trying to get in appealed to the fact that the students may go on strike, but the personnel still has to go to work… this did nothing for them.

so, in a desperate attempt I said “well, you know, not everyone that sets foot in the university does so to study… some people have to work!” – to this the looked at me and laughed… I don’t know if it was the fact that I was wearing jeans, a hoodie and a backpack, but somehow this children (yes, to me that’s what they are!) thought that I was being ironic or something like that!

some other lady said (in catalan) “yeah, she’s right, there are a lot of companies based in the campus!”…

so some of the other kids convinced the first one to let us go through… quite a feat… if it wasn’t for the fact that has we were going in, they looked at a guy that was there as well and said “you can’t come in, you’re a student!”…


This made curse loudly… (with 3 policemen in front of me)! Do this people understand their rights? Because their freedom ends when somebody else’s begins! I would give them the benefit of the doubt if this was a strike about educational related subjects… but that was not the case. You have the right to have a divergent opinion, and you shouldn’t have your life disrupted because a group of people thinks that you opinion is not as valid as theirs.


God! I don’t miss being twenty!