New sitcoms – week 2

How was week 2 of the new sitcoms?!


Selfie did a lot better than the pilot. Eliza was less much less flashy and much more likable. Henry became adicted to Facebook, which was really funny! If they keep it up, they might actually have a shot at hanging around.


Manhattan Love Story was ok… but really people, tone down on the voice-overs, they’re really not that necessary at times. My favorite character is Chloe… and she probably has the less screen time.


A to Z… again, OK! Andrew and Zelda are funny and cute together and I see a lot of potential in the show… if it wasn’t for the fact that they keep reminding us they won’t last (right? they’re not getting married after 8 months…). Their BFFs are hilarious!


Bad Judge was way better than the pilot. Losing the kid was a good choice, not sure if they’ll stick to it, but well done. Getting rid of the van: marvelous choice. Why anyone with a house like that would ride that train wreck is beyond me. Focusing on the bonding of Rebecca and Tedward, again, nice choice. I’ll give it another week, then we’ll see…

The Flash: “the fastest man alive” has arrived

It’s here! The Flash has arrived! =D


The first episode was great. It introduced the characters quite nicely, gave a bit of Barry’s backstory and set the premise of the show. It has a lighter tone than Arrow, but it still has plenty of darkness and angst – along with a lot of humor and cool effects.


Grant Gustin is the perfect Barry Allen, and OMG, the mask makes him look like a totally different person – unlike every superhero ever in the history of superhero’s tv shows and movies.

the-flash-grant-gustin (1)

Just some thoughts:

  • I’m super curious about who murdered Barry’s mom and how he got out of the house. The moment he sees a figure in the middle of the vortex speed it almost looks like him, I mean, the suit is pretty similar. But the yellow, apparently, is the colour of the Reverse-Flash, his nemesis… so we had yellow and red in that “vortex”, could it be that inside was not only the Reverse, but also the Flash… we know there’s some time-travelling capability there…
  • Not a fan of Iris West (Candice Patton) yet, though I have to admit that I like her slightly better than Laurel from Arrow… but hey… that’s not that hard!
  • Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh)?! Come on… that it genius! Giving us that tremendous WTF moment that will probably take a whole lot of time to be resolved?! Genius I say!
  • Casting John Wesley Shipp as Henry Allen has to be one of the coolest things on superheroes’ shows since Smallville casted almost every single person related to the Superman movies and Lois and Clark: the new adventures of Superman series…


  • Oliver Queen inspired Barry to be more than he is, and even though the rooftop scene can feel forced or whatever, the “cool!” moment that each of the has is not, and goddammit… it’s COOL!
  • The writers and producers are hell bent in building an entire DC universe and that is great. Almost every single character has a story of their own and are destined either to become heroes or not so much. But from the name of coffe shops, to slight adaptations of names (Eddie Thawne anyone?!), to that future newspaper who besides having The Flash well represented, also mentions Oliver Queen and Bruce Wayne, they are thinking big. This is great! I’m not the biggest DC comics fan, but damn it if I didn’t love it when Smallville builded a team of their own!



Can’t wait for next week!