My trip to Northern Ireland

It’s been 17 days since I last wrote on this blog… I’m so sorry… my time just ran out from under me! The reason is fairly simple: I was (still am) away from home… although technically I’m at home right now! I finally got some vacations and went to Ireland :D! OMG, I had been in Ireland before in May, but I love it, I loved it then, I loved it more now. So we got to Dublin on October 13th and on the very next morning we boarded a train to Belfast, for a couple of days in Northern Ireland, a day of going around Belfast, and a second day of a Game of Thrones tour (and the Giant’s Causeway). Yeah, you read it right: GAME OF THRONES (freaking) LOCATIONS TOUR!!!! =D


Belfast is still a little overwhelming. They are trying really hard to let people know that it’s a safe city, with no more “troubles”, but as you’re walking along the murals and the walls that separated the two religions, you can’t stop thinking that the segregation is still not a thing from the past, and that the “troubles” weren’t that long ago…


Still, it’s a beautiful city. We only did a one day tour and went to the Titanic exhibition – that left me wondering: why are they so proud of a ship that went down?! Also, do you know that the Titanic studios, a.k.a. where the Titanic was built, is now the home where they film Game of Thrones? I have to admit that I was kind of scared of doing this tour, I stopped watching GoT at the end of season 2, and I didn’t know if I would recognize all the places, but yeah, I did.

The Caves at Cushendun

IMG_1479 (1)

This is the place where Melisandre gives birth to the shadow baby, in the presence of a very frightened Davos Seaworth.

Ballintoy Harbour


This is Pyke Harbour!!! And Pyke’s beaches all around it. Pyke Pyke Pyke! They even have a poster of Theon Greyjoy.

Quarry at Larrybane


Renly’s camp was set there, this is where we first saw Brienne!

The Dark Hedges


A.K.A. The King’s Road… where Aria flees dressed as a boy at the end of season 1.

Giant’s Causeway


Ok, this is not GoT related, but still really impressive, right?

Tomorrow I’ll post about the rest of the tryp =) !