Fall’s first “falls” and full orders

The season of cancellations (of new tv shows) has begun! Manhattan Love Story (ABC) was the first show to fall – which is not that hard to believe. Soon after NBC has cancelled Bad Judge and A to Z, also not surprising, though I am sorry about A to Z, I was really enjoying it.


On the reserve side of the equation, some shows received a full season order. NBC has granted Mysteries of Laura a full season pickup. ABC has ordered a full season of How to Get Away With MurderMadam Secretary, NCIS: New Orleans, Scorpion and Stalker (CBS) all got full season pickup as well. Fox has ordered a full season of Gotham as well. Finally The Flash and Jane the Virgin got the same privilege by The CW.


Movie of the Week: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

So… I knew this was going to be bad, but you know when you just really have to watch it, no matter how bad it is?! Well, TMNT were part of my childhood, so I had to go! Good thing my expectations were really low, because that allowed for the movie to be “better” than I expected.


The story is just plain bad, not even mentioning the fact that the whole plot of a toxin being released from the top of a NYC building was done not long ago in The Amazing Spider Man, and better! Megan Fox… NO! The Origin?! Bahhhh! The design of the turtles is hideous, but on the only plus side, they do work! The Turtles turned out to be the only good (amazing even) part of the movie… kudos to the voice actors and the writers for the amazing jokes. And Will Arnett, who was great despite the bad leading lady beside him…