The Big Bang Theory: The Prom Equivalency (and OMG!!!! He said it!!!)

Some might argue that this has not been the best episodes of TBBT this far this season, that might be true. But after 8 years, the writers are betting more on character development than just throwing us funny stories, and The Prom Equivalency just followed that note.

big-bang-theory-season-8 (1)

After realizing that, unlike Penny, Bernie and Amy never got a real prom, they set out to organize one of their own. This leaves Penny and Sheldon quite dismayed, but Leonard quite happy, given his own sad prom. Raj is pretty excited as well.


Penny changes her mind when she arrives at prom with Leonard (wearing flats, while he’s wearing heels), and in a true sweet moment, the two of them slow dance. In this last few episodes I feel that a lot of focus has been on showing how these two have grown and how ready they are for their commitment (even if they don’t think so).

The Prom Equivalency

Raj, Emily, Howard and Bernadette go to pick up Stuart and his date (who’s not Howie’s mom), only to find out that she’s in fact Howie’s second cousin, with whom he had sex with… awkward!


They share some of the funniest moments of the episode, only to have Stuart leave his date hanging because he’s got a call from Howard’s mother… well, I guess they’re not just friends!


After Sheldon talks to Penny and then to Leonard, he realizes that it’s customary for young people to lose their virginities at prom night, so when he looks at Amy (gorgeous by the way), he has a panic attack!

The Prom Equivalency

After some talk, Amy reassures him that’s she’s always expecting sex (prom night is no different), but she’s ok with waiting (or something like that), and then starts to dance around the word – not knowing how best to phase her feelings for her boyfriend – when Sheldon utters “I love you too” and then it’s Amy who’s having a panic attack, but rest assure – Sheldon might love her, but girls are still not allowed in his room! I was so happy for Amy, she so deserved that!!! =)

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