Now I’m up to date on Arrow!

I’m finally up to date with Arrow. Season 3 has been strong so far, here are some thoughts on the episodes until now:


  • It’s great to see them as a team – a real team!
  • Serious Oliver?! You have a problem with baby Sara being in the secret lair? Diggle is right: “who is she gonna tell?”??? Are you really uncomfortable around babies?
  • BTW, Ollie, I like you better with a bow and arrow, though I must admit that you DO know how to use a gun 😉
  • I like kickass Thea a lot, but for one who game her brother and mother such backlash because they were keeping secrets from her, shouldn’t she be behaviouring kind of different? I know Malcom is her dad n’all, but flat out lying like that? That’s not good!
  • Can someone take Laurel away ASAP?! What’s she doing in the show anyway? She’s angry all the time and does nothing more than mess up all the time. She’s lying to her dad!!!! She’s just not a good character… Can we trade her for grown-up Sara?
  • Felicity, I love you girl, but you have to stop crying. Since the season begun, I think you cried in every single episode… come on…
  • Still on you Felicity: so, Ollie basically tells you (AGAIN) that he loves you, and you go “oh, look at the time… better dash!” ?!?!?!?! Seriously?! No talk or anything? The boy was trying…
  • By the way, I want an apartment just like Felicity’s… or Thea’s, I would be OK either way…
  • Ray Palmer… I wasn’t expecting to like him, but I do, a lot. A lot a lot. To the point where I wouldn’t mind if he and Felicity got together… but not for long, ok?! Ollie is still number one in her (and mine) heart!
  • No way Roy is involved in Sara’s death, right? He can’t be. Not now, that he’s so in sync with the Arrow and everything – seriously, how many hours a day does the guy trains, because he’s kicking ass!
  • How cute is Diggle with that baby, right?!

Downton Abbey… just 4 years late!

Downton Abbey… would you believe me if I told you that I had never seen an episode, not even a single minute of the show, until 2 days ago? Yep, true! I have wanted to get around to it for a while now, but stuff got in the way, other shows came up, and Downton Abbey was left for a rainy moment. Well, the other day, I was doing some zapping at 1 a.m. and stumbled into a channel that was showing an episode of the 4th season (I’m saying 4th based on the fact that Mary’s husband was already dead – and although I never saw the show, I do know what it’s about, given that even if I don’t actively read the recaps and spoilers of the show, somethings you can’t escape knowing…). So, there it was, an episode of season 4 and suddenly it hit me: I have to watch this show… NOW!


Yesterday, with an hour to lunch and many shows to watch – though none with a single episode – I decided it was a good time… so I played Downton Abbey season 1 episode 1 on my pc, while eating lunch at my desk at work (yes… yesterday was sunday and I was working…). Now I’m hooked! Before I went to bed yesterday I had seen through episode 6, leaving only the season 1 finale to watch… and then seasons 2, 3, 4 and 5!


Obviously just after a couple of episodes I already had my favourites, such as Anna and Bates, Sybil or Matthew. And those I will love to hate (or sometimes just hate hate), such as Thomas or O’Brian. Then there’s the case of Dowager Countess of Grantham (Dame Maggie Smith) who I still don’t know if I like, but definitely love =).


Basically I love most of the staff, while most of the nobility I still don’t know how I fell for them… each time I think they do something great, they go ahead and spoil it on the next scene. Edith Crawley, though, I don’t like… I know the girl as not had it easy, with all the focus being on either her older or younger sister, still, she takes things too far at times. Can’t wait to finish it =D !!!