Castle: the third time’s the charm

Castle… this was an episode 7 years in the making. I seriously doubt that I’ll spoil anything for any of you, so here it is: Castle and Beckett got married and it was PERFECT!!!


After all the drama following Rick’s disappearance on the end of last season, he finally decided that they just had to pass over it and get married, right now – this happened after he got a glimpse at what his life would be without her in it. So the man proposes (again) and her face says it all: it is a woman who just can’t wait to get married with her guy – and who could blame her?!


They take the plunge, in the Hamptons, and just with their families present – which means no Espo and Ryan and something tells me that they’ll not very happy about that. Kate finally got it right with the dress… after the first hideous one that was destroyed (thanks to some divine force of intervention!) and a second really lovely one, which she was wearing when she got stood up and thought her boyfriend was dead … But the third was the charm: a lovely pants and blouse combo, so very Beckett, amazing!



2 thoughts on “Castle: the third time’s the charm

  1. bethwarstadt says:

    I’m so happy to find your blog! It is wonderful to know that someone else is a little obsessed with many of the same things I am, including Castle. I, too, loved their wedding and thought that it was perfect for them. I will confess to you “privately” that I have re-watched it on DVR several times since the day.

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