Rádio Comercial – “Parabéns Carlos do Carmo”

Today, portuguese fado singer Carlos do Carmo received the first ever Grammy to this country, a Latin Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award for his 50 plus years of singing career. Fado is a musical style typical of Portugal and you won’t find it anywhere else. To celebrate his achievement, Rádio Comercial (nº1 in Portugal), recorded one of his most famous songs with 35 different artists singing it to give a huge congratulations to Carlos do Carmo.

35 artists, as many as the phrases on the poem, and from various musical backgrounds, sing “Lisboa Menina e Moça”, a poem from José Carlos Ary dos Santos, Joaquim Pessoa and Fernando Tordo, with music from Paulo de Carvalho, extensively associated with the image of Lisbon and Carlos do Carmo career.

Check it out, it’s a gorgeous song and a very nice tribute.