Downton Abbey season 2

Yesterday, and after 2 days of just watching Downton Abbey, I finally finished season 2. I had loved season 1, but I thought that the second season was way better. Warning, there will undoubtedly be spoilers ahead.


The second season brings us war and changes at Downton. I realized while watching it that I couldn’t hate any of the characters. Even Thomas, who I still find is the easiest to hate, went through some bad times during the season and came out rather likable. O’Brien, filled with guilt from her behaviour during the last episode of season 1, at least tries to be good do Cora. Ethel, so know it all, crumbles and you just can’t help but feel for the girl.

I had to admit that I spent most of the episodes crying. Weather it was because of the war, the injuries, the pull away between Matthew and Mary, or the happy moments, it was all tears inducing.


Memorable moments of the season to me:

  • William’s death… OMG, poor Daisy and poor William (for different reasons, of course). I’m still not sure how I feel about this, for one hand, Daisy did William a kindness in his last moments of life, but on the other hand, I do understand the poor girl…


  •  Edith rising up to the challenge. This season changed my view on Edith, Sybil is right when she tells her that the war made her nicer.
  • Bates and Anna finally get married!!! OH MY GOD! I love this moment so much, I loved it when she plainly told him that she would face whatever was coming as his next of kin. I wished that they could have had someone at the wedding, but it was perfect as it was.


  • Anna and Mary. Throughout the season Mary shows that not only is a lady’s maid duty to keep secrets, but the lady herself also keeps her maid’s secrets. Mary shows that she’s a true friend to Anna, despite their different classes. She goes as far as to give her a room for her to spend her wedding night with Bates… that’s pretty cool.
  • Lavinia, poor girl, I wanted so much to hate her, but that was quite difficult because she was so adorable. I was happy when she dies though, it gave a nice closure for the matter and finally a chance for Matthew and Mary to get together.


  • Sybil and Branson. It took a while for Sybil to realize that Tom was right and she did love him. But all credit to both of them. She makes it through the war tougher than ever, and a nurse, and tells her father that whatever he tells her, it’s not important, she doesn’t need money or status, she needs Branson. And off to Ireland they both go.


  • Lady Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham, is without a doubt the best written part in this show. She’s dedicated to her status and class, but she manages always to surprise us. And she says the most hilarious things.

tumblr_mk3t9qx2Pm1qzc093o2_500 tumblr_lzvjiwI1x71r826r5o6_500 VioletCrawley2


  • But without a doubt, the most WTF moment during season 2 was the fact that Lord Grantham and Jane the housemaid were sneaking around and kissing throughout the house… I was so shocked!!!!


  • Oh, and Carson and Mrs. Hughes are pretty much my favorite people 😉