Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: …Ye Who Enter Here

Wow, what an episode, I’m still catching my breath…


This week, the team finally finds the location of the hidden city, one half of the team is dispatched there to gain access before HYDRA, while the other half stays behind to protect Raina from Whitehall. Meanwhile we find out that to enter the city you have to be worthy (and it so happens that the guys there don’t have reception on their phones =/ ). HYDRA manages to get into the Bus and Ward takes Raina and Skye with him. The episode ends horrible, with the bus exploding, Skye with Ward and Mac at the bottom of a pit!

  • Triplett can get shot more often… just saying that if everytime he does, he appears shirtless, I won’t complain about it (and neither will Jemma, by the looks of her…).


  • What kind of secret are Bobbi and Mac keeping from Hunter?!
  • Really cool all the scenes with Patton Oswalt playing the “twins” Billy and Sam Koenig…
  • Also, where can I buy that umbrella?!
  • Please tell me that Mac somehow survives, and unharmed, I couldn’t bear to lose him, I like him too much on this show.


  • I love Skye, but there’s no amount of (unseen) training that would put her on the same level as agent 33, given the years she has of active duty. Still, it’s pretty cool to have someone with May’s face all messed up.


  • Ward is just downright annoying nowadays.
  • That tension between Fitz and Simmons… wow! I get that she got overwhelmed; everything happened very fast, I also think that she hasn’t realized yet just how much she loves him, but I do hope she figures it out soon. It was so nice to have them in sync (even if just for a minute), I have missed that.
  • I really liked that Coulson is feeling more like Coulson each day. There are no acceptable casualties… oh Phil… I DO like you!


  • Raina is starting to get on my nerves as well… always doing what’s in her best interest… LOL… anyway, something tells me that something will happen to her before the end of the season.


  • That last scene with agent 33 was weird, for a moment I thought that maybe the one in the car was really May somehow…

10 thoughts on “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: …Ye Who Enter Here

  1. impossiblegirl123 says:

    I can’t loose Mac either! I love him, especially his bromance with Fitz. And I think he might have had a thing with Bobby. It’s just a wild guess though, because he was so happy to see her and seemed really disappointed when he found out that they were at it again.

    • MyTinyObsessions says:

      I thought about that, Mac and Bobbi having a thing, it would fit, specially because she said to Jemma that she had never been friends with a guy before anything else. But then, on the plane, when he asked her if she was going to tell Hunter, it seemed more work related than personal somehow. And given their looks during Coulson speech, I would say they might have an affiliation with a 3rd party (not Hydra, they are both good!).

      It would, however, make some sense to sever his bromance with Fitz, specially if there’s a possibility of Fitz and Simmons being on good terms again.

  2. merlinbaldwin says:

    I’m fairly certain Mac is still alive, as he’s been altered to become a defender of a Kree city (the Icers didn’t work, so he’s obviously been changed somehow, so I imagine something as trivial as falling a few stories will barely slow him down), but whether or not he survives the entire experience of the Kree city is debatable.

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