Movie of the Week: The Theory of Everything


Wow, what a beautiful movie, gorgeous, well done… loved it. The Theory of Everything, the adaptation of Jane Hawking’s memoir Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen, is such an amazing movie, about the life of Stephen Hawking and his first wife Jane, through the success of his career is physics and the dealings with his disease.

Have I mention how amazing this movie is? It’s heartwarming and heartbreaking all at once. Watching how the amazing Stephen Hawking defied all expectations, personal and professional, it’s amazing. How he converted a 2 years life expectancy, to a full life, with two marriages, 3 kids and such an historic career in his field. And what about Jane?! What a strong, intelligent and fierce woman!

The casting is perfect. Eddie Redmayne was born to play this part, his physical transformation is beyond anything I could expect. At times, one wonders who are we actually seeing on screen: Eddie or Stephen? I’m still to watch Birdman, but I honestly don’t think that anyone could have done better than Eddie this year – playing a character whom we all know, who is still alive and so very present in our day to day, and doing it so amazingly, should be worthy of that Oscar for Best Actor.

Felicity Jones is amazing in this as well, although not as much as Eddie (it would be hard). Actually, I think they chose the cast perfectly. All and all, loved it, I think I will return to see it again, though the next time I do, I have to remember to bring a bunch of paper tissues… the crying was strong ;-).