Broadchurch S02E03 (or, I can’t believe they went there!)

I have said a few times how much I loved the first season of Broadchurch, not I’ll tell you what, I’m liking this one even more. The intricacies of different plots together with the intricacies of the different characters is making the show infinitely more appealing to me.


Just a few notes on the most recent episode:

  • Lee or Claire? When the episode begun I had no doubt (like Hardy) that Lee was responsible for the girls deaths in Sandbrook. But then, well, Claire went with him pretty easily, then he called her to tell her that he would stay away (it didn’t ring super dangerous to me), then after being a dick to Hardy he went ahead and gave him a few folders of his own investigation into Sandbrook, because he did not do it. Meanwhile, Claire does her best to frame Lee, changes her version of the events of that night, and for one so scared, her behaviour shure looks weird. One thing I think was true: Lee probably got involved with the older cousin, but I don’t think he was the one to kill them. Also, there’s someone else involved, someone who sent a bluebell to Claire.


  • Are freaking serious Beth? So Ellie helps her to the house, helps her get ready to have the baby, bonds with her daughter and then she kicks her out? Still blaming her for not knowing? The shoe is really going to drop when she finds out where her husband is every single day.


  • The lawyers. Bishop’s son is in jail – this was probably the case that Jocelyn refused some time earlier – as to why, we do not know. Meanwhile Jocelyn’s mother is in a facility that she obviously can’t afford, and was it just me or does Jocelyn herself have some kind of medical condition?! And what is her relation to Maggie?


  • And finally, OMG, I can’t believe they went there (so to speak). Poor Ellie, this week was all about her sex life. First she goes on a girls-night.out with Claire and ends up sleeping with a random stranger (while begging him to say that he loves her… sad). Then she finally gets to court, has to detail all about her sex life with her husband and then, on top of it all, is accused of maintaining an affair with Alec Hardy (can you believe it?!)!!! Poor woman, I guess no one heard her when she was shouting at him saying that she hoped he crashed the car and had an heart attack while crashing it…

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt… =D

Have you seen the trailer for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt?! No?! GO WATCH IT! I admit that when I saw the title I thought “no way I’m going to want to watch this” and then I swallowed my words and I can’t wait for the show to come out.


Originally created for NBC, the Tina Fey and Robert Carlock show was sold to Netflix, where it will air coming March 6 (all 13 episodes on the same day!). And bonus good news?! Second season is already ordered =D.