Arrow: Left Behind

Arrow is back and let me take a moment to wipe all the tears away (and now my headache just got bigger). Left behind is an incredible well chosen title… Oliver is gone and everyone is feeling a little left behind… Caution, there will be spoilers.


With Oliver gone for 3 days, Team Arrow does its best to keep the baddies of the streets, with Diggle wearing the Arrow’s costume and being a rather bad bowman. Still, Roy and Diggle raise to the challenge and do their best, while Felicity commands the troops from the Arrow cave, all the while maintaining that Ollie will be back, he has always came back before. The boys though, are not so sure and John tries to warn her that she should ready herself, that maybe this time things did not went Oliver’s way, but she’s having none of it.

It’s not until Malcolm gets there (for the second time) with the sword that killed Ollie, with his blood all over it, that she crumbles and admits that he is gone. Then, unable to process her grief, she tells off Ray on his plans for the ATOM suit, saying that she can’t lose another friend, and allows the bad guys to run off with a bunch of evidences, which will allow most of the people they had put away for the last 8 months go free, because she was afraid to lose Diggle and Roy too. This leads her to conclude that there is no “it” without Oliver, she’s DONE.


Roy is broken by the lost of his friend and mentor, and Diggle is as lost as Felicity, not knowing where to go from there. Meanwhile Laurel deals the only way she can, she puts on her sister’s Canary costume and off to the street she goes, after the bad guys that were released for lack of evidences.

Meanwhile, in the flashbacks to Hong Kong, we learn that Oliver went against Waller’s orders and helped Maseo in getting Tatsu back. And this is the reason he’s alive, Maseo takes him to Tatsu in order for her to save him (as to how, I assume we are going to learn next week). So, take a deep breath people, Oliver Queen is ALIVE!


  • This was probably the first episode (ever) that I did not find Laurel insufferable. The fact that she consoled Diggle and stayed strong, made me like her a bit.
  • I loved that Thea is worried about her brother (finally), but poor girl, she can put together that her ex boyfriend is Arsenal, but can’t get to the conclusion that her brother, that is always with Roy, is in fact the Arrow?!
  • Where is the hallowed ground where they fight their battles? Because they can get there in next to no time, but the weather is totally different.
  • So, are Malcolm and Thea going on the run? Or is she putting her foot down?!

X-Men: Apocalypse! Meet the new (old) mutants!

The casting is out. After some time of speculation over who was going to play Jean, Storm and Cyclops in the new X-Men: Apocalypse, that will be set up in the 80’s, director Bryan Singer took twitter to announce the results.


So, here we have it. Sophie Turner (a.k.a. Sansa from GoT) will be playing the fierce and powerful Jean Grey. I can see it, I think Sophie is amazing – playing Sansa and dealing with all the s**t from people all of these years must have prepared her for this. And besides, I can see a little (very faint but there) of Famke Janssen in there.

Alexandra Shipp will take the role of Ororo Munroe or Storm, filling in the shoes that once belonged (and technically in the future still do) to Halle Berry. No objections about this, I am not familiar with her work.

Finally Tye Sheridan will be young Scott Summers or Cyclops. Again, I do not know his work and can only guess that he’s extraordinary. That said, he looks nothing like James Marsden, and although of similar age to Sophie, he looks younger than her. I do hope that it somehow works in terms of chemistry between the two actors.