Farewell Marvel’s Agent Carter, I hope I see you again next year!

Marvel’s Agent Carter’s last episode of the first season aired just a few days ago and I already miss it.

I don’t need a congressional honor. I don’t need Agent Thompson’s approval or the president’s. I know my value. Anyone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter.


To sum things up quickly, Peggy fought Dottie and barely won, then she had to convince an hypnotized Howard Stark to turn his plane around, because he wasn’t on a mission to recover Steve, and so, she had to let go of Steve (twice)… (Tears…), then Sousa saved Thompson (amazingly, might I add) and they arrested Ivchenko. Jarvis gave Peggy the vial of Steve’s blood (that Howard had stolen again from the SSR), thus showing his loyalty to her. Howard Stark lent his house (one of them) to Peggy and Angie to live in – given that their living arrangements and work conditions were shredded thanks to him… to which Angie was super happy about (I could see them having a fling in the future, if they eventually meet). Back at the SSR, Peggy finally gets the recognition she deserves, but Thompson (to my great disappointment) get all the credit for the mission, not even mentioning the fact that it was Peggy who saved the day… Sousa is outraged, but Carter assures him that she needs no one’s approval, she knows what she’s worth! Poor Sousa then asks her out for a drink, to which she says no, she has something to do, but her smile when he’s not looking tells me that he might just have hope and that leaves me super HAPPY!!! I ship them, haven’t I mentioned it before?!


(Doesn’t she look nice?! With the shield and everything?!)

Hayley Atwell was magnificent during this 8 episodes. The range of emotions and abilities that she displayed was amazing. The last scene where she finally lets go of Steve Rogers broke my heart (and tears came again…).

Dominic Cooper is just perfect as Howard Stark! He makes Howard impossible to hate – no matter how much you know you should! One of my favorite moments in this episode was Thompson speech about Stark, where Stark just says the most outrageous things and you can’t help but totally swoon over him… Like father, like son!


It has been 8 weeks of watching James D’Arcy in completely different shows and roles. Man, that guy can act! Whether he’s playing murderous and creepy Lee (Broadchurch) or nice, funny and loyal Jarvis (Marvel’s Agent Carter), he’s just amazing! Jarvis is definitely one of my favorite characters in TV.

I absolutely loved this show, there was not a bad or dull episode, and the story was interesting and kept me hooked. Given that they joined now Ivchenko with Zola, I hope they show what that collaboration might lead.

I desperately want a second season! I think a short season of 8-12 episodes would be ideal, since they still have much to tell between this point and the establishment of SHIELD. ABC, please, please, please, bring Agent Carter back!

Avengers: Age of Ultron posters

This week, the first poster for the Avengers: Age of Ultron came out.



Let’s face it, the poster is nothing much, but it did bring a bit of good news: Anthony Mackie and Hayley Atwell will be in it! Pretty excited about the Falcon! The Falcon and War Machine in the same movie?! Awesome!!! About Hayley, something tells me that it will be a flashback of some sort, because I can’t bear to watch another scene with old Peggy and young Steve… just no… 😦

In the meantime, Marvel has been releasing individual posters for some characters… And these are pretty amazing… still not sure why Black Widow looks like she just came from Tron, but hey… here they are!

ironman_avengers2_ 10981218_867328353325172_4808702934844764937_n 11025175_867328356658505_6445154888051535870_n 11025749_866873620037312_1115638256822329186_n 14727_867328359991838_5359143733559274330_n

Baby Daddy renewed for 5th season

Good news for Baby Daddy fans like myself, the show ABC family has just renewed the show for a 5th season.


I’m really happy about this, I find it one of the most entertaining sitcoms around, and ABC family is doing a good job keeping its winners around. I do hope that now we’ll see Emma grow up a little bit, the show has been around for 2 and a half years, and baby Emma still doesn’t look 2…

Rest in Peace Leonard Nimoy

Such sad news today! The New York Times reports that Leonard Nimoy, 83, has passed away from end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.


Nimoy, who played Mr. Spock on the original Star Trek series, as well as in the Star Trek movies (old and new), and was in Fringe, was a true icon and this comes as true and sad blow… =(

Live long and prosper…

Hey, I’m back (and I can’t set foot in another bookstore…)

I’m home… after almost a week gone (that didn’t quite go as I expected), I’m back and hard at work again. The trip to the UK was ok, it was nice to see the friends, it was great to go to Oxford, the Phantom of the Opera was pretty good, and the Harry Potter Studio Tour was amazing as always. I didn’t quite spent as much time in London as I had hoped for, neither did I see much, but hey, I do know London quite well, so…


Oxford was pretty great, we went to the Bodleian Library, which by itself is pretty amazing, to top it off, they actually filmed Harry Potter there and our guide was amazing. The next day we made our way to London, to see the change off the guard and a walk through Camden, this was great because although we saw little of the change of the guard, we actually saw the QUEEN!!! Not too shabby!


(yeah, Speedy’s… Sherlock‘s filming location near Euston Square!)

The Harry Potter studio tour was on its Animal Actors Week, so there were actually Fangs and Hedwigs around the studios.


All and all, the most pleasurable moments I had on this trip were my hours at several bookshops… It started back at Blackwell’s in Oxford… OMG, that place is amazing… all I know is that when I left Oxford I had already bought 6 books… yeah, 6! I ended up with 9 new books and having to dispatch my bag (I had no space left, otherwise I would also have bought an amazing edition of The Lord of the Rings that I found at Waterstones).

books(I’m so in love with my Little Women book… seriously, it’s not just the cover, it’s the whole book… gorgeous!)

The Flash: The Nuclear Man

Last week Barry had to try to manage having a personal life, that is dating Linda, and his duties as the Flash.


Things did not always go alright for him, poor guy, on the first date he managed by super-speeding to the crime places and then back again, before she could notice that he was gone. The second date, however, was slightly trickier. She showed up more than willing to take things to the next level, but Barry, worried how his speed might affect everything and then getting a distressed call from Caitlin, had to bail on her, while trying to get dress, talking and leaving at the same time… stumbling a lot. Linda was more or less OK with it, until Iris told her that Barry was still hung up on someone, and that was why he was dodging her. Linda got it, and set Barry free… he did not want to be set free though, and soon was asking Iris to butt out because he doesn’t has those feelings for her anymore, and was asking Linda for a second chance, which she gave him.


Joe asks Cisco help to gather information on the murder of Barry’s mother. Soon they find that the speedsters left some blood behind, with 2 distinct genetic profiles. That’s when Joe drops the bomb: he wants Cisco to run it against Harrison Wells DNA! Cisco is appalled and refuses, but soon, after Wells suggests something unimaginable, Cisco runs the profiles, finding one match… not to Wells, but to Barry. There’s more, the proteins in the blood indicate that it did not belong to young Barry, but an adult one! So, as we have always suspected, The Flash (adult) was present in the night that his own mother was killed… time-travelling plot begins!


Caitlin and Dr. Wells try to find and help Ronnie/Dr. Stein a.k.a. Firestorm, finding out that he’s unstable and in risk of causing a nuclear explosion (hence the title). Dr. Wells’s response could not be clearer: they should kill him before he can go off. Cisco is shocked, but Caitlin isn’t standing for it, remind him that she has lost Ronnie once already, she’s not about to lose him another time. More than that, they’re talking about 2 lives. Dr. Wells tries do come up with a solution, but Ronnie/Stein has already left, in order to protect the people in the city. Caitlin and Barry go to him in the hopes that the device that Wells created works… it doesn’t and Firestorm blows up…

So, Linda and Barry is a go, Iris is super jealous, Firestorm blew up (but we know from the next week promo that both men survive), Caitlin will have her man back… why am I not excited about this?! Don’t get me wrong, I like Ronnie, not sure I like Ronnie and Caitlin though…

On my way to London!

Oh yeah! Well, I’m not currently on the go, but I will be in couple of hours =). I think I haven’t said enough times how much I love that city! Either way, I’ll be going today and I’ll stay until February 23rd.


Last time I went it was for a conference and Doctor Who 50th anniversary. This time I’ll be visiting some friends who have moved there last year. I’ll be staying in Reading (70 km from London) with them. I know London pretty well, but there are always things to do and new stuff to see.

The first stop will be Oxford! I’m pretty excited about this because I was only there once when I was about 11 years old, so I remember nothing! I’m so psyched about going to Oxford University and visiting some places used to film the Harry Potter movies!!

The next day we’ll be going to London, probably visit Camden and some other places, but late that night we’re going to The Phantom of the Opera!! =D This will not be my first Phantom, as I watched it on Broadway last year, but still, I am pretty happy about it.

While most of the other days we’ll decided what we’re going to do then, on the 21st we have a day booked, we’re going to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter, again, I’ve been there in 2013, but I’ll probably have more fun now that I’m not going alone 😉 !

Another thing that I’m really looking forward to is watching Kingsman: The Secret Service. It’ll premiere here later this month, but I really want to watch it in the UK!


Now I’m getting back to work, just a few more hours…

Marvel’s Agent Carter: A Sin to Err

Oh, wow! Wow, wow, wow! Now it’s getting really interesting!

960 (1)

Carter finally manages to pursue a case on her own, somehow convincing Dooley that the only way that Stark was played was if it was done by a woman, and she believes it was a woman who received training at the Russian facility they had just been in. She enlists Jarvis to make a run through all the women that Howard had slept with (and “broken up” with) in the previous 6 months. Poor Jarvis… he gets slapped and kicked, while Peggy tries to see if any of these women is the spy she’s looking for.

Peggy: I need you to get me a list of all the women that Howard has entertained in the last year.
Jarvis: I’m not sure there’s enough ink in all of New York to complete that request.
Peggy: Fine, just in the last six months then, is that possible?
Jarvis: Oh yes, I suggest we start with the Western Hemisphere.
Peggy: Oh please.


Meanwhile, back at the SSR, Dooley is trying to get information out of the Doctor, but there’s a twist (and I did not see it coming), Dottie, who’s apparently getting ready to kill him, communicates and takes orders from him… so, I’m guessing he’s Leviathan?! He then tries to manipulate the chief, failing he does the same to a junior office, who ends up stepping in front of a truck after giving the old Doc some valuable information.


Sousa finally confirms that the woman in the party and everywhere else is indeed Peggy Carter and (unfortunately) informs the chief. So, the manhunt begins… Peggy though, is much smarter and tougher than all those men combined, and wipes the floor with most of them… she even knocks out Thompson (oh yeah!!!).


When Sousa threatens her with a gun my heart broke – I SHIP THESE TWO PEOPLE… YOU’RE BREAKING MY HEART!!! But Peggy knew he wouldn’t shot her (and she wouldn’t hurt him – unless absolutely necessary) and she manages to run away, back to the Griffith to collect Steve’s blood sample that she stored there.

Sousa: Peggy, don’t run. If you run I’ll know it’s true.
Peggy: I’m sorry Daniel.

Obviously, Sousa and Thompson run there as well, and she only just manages to elude them, thanks to Angie, who pulled a performance worth to be on Broadway… poor Thompson only response was “please stop”… points to Angie for even managing to cry on his shoulder =)!!!


When she finally thinks she’s safe to leave, she encounters Dottie on the corridor, all saint-like like Dottie is when she’s not killing people. Dottie surprises Peggy here, planting a kiss on her, laced with the lipstick that Peggy usually uses on her victims… bye bye Peggy, sweet dreams. Lucky for her, just before Dottie does anything else, Sousa and Thompson arrive and take Carter into custody.

The episode ends with Carter being howled into the SSR and beginning to being question by Sousa, Thompson and Dooley. She tries to explain that she can explain everything, she hasn’t committed treason, but they’re having none of that, and she finally is treated like one of the boys..

Don’t go easy on her just ‘cause she’s a girl.

Oh man, I know Daniel will go hard on her, the man is just broken, we can see that he really liked her. My question is if Jack might somehow be a bit more understanding of her, seeing as they were in combat together and he has seen how she works. Either way, I’m not sure how she’s going to get out of this… I mean, we know she does, but HOW?!