Movie of the Week: Love, Rosie

OMG, I have waited long enough for this movie to be released… since it never actually came to Spanish cinemas. Love, Rosie is a British romantic comedy directed by Christian Ditter, based on the 2004 novel Where Rainbows End by Irish author Cecelia Ahern. The story follows best friends Alex (Sam Claflin) and Rosie (Lily Collins) throughout their lives, with all their almosts and mistakes. There might be SPOILERS.


The story starts at the night of Rosie’s 18th birthday, where she and Alex share a kiss, but she drank so much that the next day she doesn’t remember anything. Because she doesn’t want to talk about the previous night, Alex assumes she thinks it was a mistake and ends up inviting another girl to the dance, while Rosie accepts an invitation from Greg (the incredible hot guy). At the dance Rosie and Greg have sex, but the condom gets “lost” and she ends the night in the hospital with Alex. Alex is applying to Harvard medical school and he wants her to join him in Boston, where she can attend Boston University, obviously she says yes. Feeling sick for a while she then decides to go to a pharmacy and ends up getting a pregnancy test… surprise surprise, it’s positive… and she took the morning after pill and everything. Alex surprises her with his good news, he got a scholarship and he’s moving away to Boston, she lets him go, not telling him what’s really going on, and promises she’ll meet him in a few weeks there.


She then comes up with the brilliant plan: Alex never has to know about the baby, she can just delay her plans for a few months. She decides to give the baby up to adoption, but when the time comes, she’s not able to. She keeps Katie, while still hiding it from her best friend. The plan backfires and Alex eventually finds out and asks to be the baby’s godfather.

The next 5 years go by. Alex is in a stable relationship with Sally, and Rosie has Katie and her best friend Ruby, while being a maid in a hotel. They’re both not happy, and when Alex asks Rosie to visit him in Boston, she jumps at the opportunity, thinking that maybe this is the time she’ll get him… only to find out that not only he’s not happy, but his girlfriend Sally is pregnant. The two get into a fight, Rosie accuses him of having an awful personal live, while Alex attacks her for being a single mom, they do not part well.


Back home she contacts Katie’s dad, Greg, and decided to give him a chance, eventually marrying him. Meanwhile, Alex separates from Sally and it turns out that the baby wasn’t his. After Rosie’s father funeral, Alex decides to write a letter to Rosie telling her that he can make her happy, that he loves her. Unfortunately the letter never reaches Rosie. Soon after, though, Rosie finds out that Greg is cheating her, and after punching him in the face, she’s putting his things away (not nicely) when she comes about the letter.

Oh the letter, she immediately gets into contact with Alex, only to find out that Bethany (his prom date) is living with him (thanks to her, she was the one who told her she should go see him) and the two are getting married. At their wedding, Rosie finally fesses up and tells Alex that she loves him (while covering up nicely with a brother/sister analogy), and Alex then tells her that they did kiss when they were 18.


They say goodbye and back home Rosie decided to fulfill her dream of owning an hotel. At the day of the opening Alex shows up, telling her that he and Bethany knew it wasn’t right, and the two of them finally kiss (properly).

Final thoughts:

I really enjoyed this movie. Sure, it’s nothing totally new, but it’s well written and very well acted. I specially loved that the character actually go through stuff… usually, one of them is about to get marry but the other one can stop it, or something comes up. Not here though, they both do get married to the wrong people. They don’t leave everything behind for the other person. It’s kind of refreshing.

Lily and Sam have an amazing chemistry, their “almost kisses” were brilliant.

I love the kids. Katie and her best friend turned boyfriend are amazingly cute.

The characterization is quite well done, while Lily Collins can still appear very young, Sam has a very manish quality to him, it’s nice that they were able to somehow make him look like a teenager at the beginning of the movie. And the music… man, the music is awesome.