Scorpion: Love Boat

I guess the goal with this Valentine’s Day episode was to give us some sort of attack! The team goes undercover on a boat in order to reprogram some missiles, things don’t go well and Sylvester almost dies – after saving the day! Back home, Happy and Toby help the team while helping Ralph with his “love life” as well.


  • Walter is considering on taking Paige to a “meeting” on Valentine’s, on a Restaurant she really likes, but after an ex points out to him that he should only get involved with someone if he’s all in, he ends up giving her the weekend off, much to her disappointment.
  • After a full day exchanging looks and covert words, Happy makes the first move and holds hands with Toby, to which he responds by making a move to kiss her… she pulls away, obviously, but then he asks if she’s going to hit him to which she responds no, with a big smile… but when he goes for the big kiss, they’re interrupted, and he has to get Ralph and flee the scene… OMG!!!! Almost!!!
  • Sylvester really pulls himself together on this episode. He faces a huge fear of his in order to save his friends. Then back at home, he faces another… he finishes his Valentine’s Day card to Megan… yeah, that Megan… Walter’s sister. While Paige tells him that it will be no problem, because they both deserve to be happy and Walter will approve, Sy doesn’t dare tell him, only mentioning that there is someone.
  • Well… one (and a half) out of 3 ships getting somewhere is not bad… not bad at all… more so considering that Happy and Toby ALMOST KISSED!!!