Marvel’s Agent Carter: A Sin to Err

Oh, wow! Wow, wow, wow! Now it’s getting really interesting!

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Carter finally manages to pursue a case on her own, somehow convincing Dooley that the only way that Stark was played was if it was done by a woman, and she believes it was a woman who received training at the Russian facility they had just been in. She enlists Jarvis to make a run through all the women that Howard had slept with (and “broken up” with) in the previous 6 months. Poor Jarvis… he gets slapped and kicked, while Peggy tries to see if any of these women is the spy she’s looking for.

Peggy: I need you to get me a list of all the women that Howard has entertained in the last year.
Jarvis: I’m not sure there’s enough ink in all of New York to complete that request.
Peggy: Fine, just in the last six months then, is that possible?
Jarvis: Oh yes, I suggest we start with the Western Hemisphere.
Peggy: Oh please.


Meanwhile, back at the SSR, Dooley is trying to get information out of the Doctor, but there’s a twist (and I did not see it coming), Dottie, who’s apparently getting ready to kill him, communicates and takes orders from him… so, I’m guessing he’s Leviathan?! He then tries to manipulate the chief, failing he does the same to a junior office, who ends up stepping in front of a truck after giving the old Doc some valuable information.


Sousa finally confirms that the woman in the party and everywhere else is indeed Peggy Carter and (unfortunately) informs the chief. So, the manhunt begins… Peggy though, is much smarter and tougher than all those men combined, and wipes the floor with most of them… she even knocks out Thompson (oh yeah!!!).


When Sousa threatens her with a gun my heart broke – I SHIP THESE TWO PEOPLE… YOU’RE BREAKING MY HEART!!! But Peggy knew he wouldn’t shot her (and she wouldn’t hurt him – unless absolutely necessary) and she manages to run away, back to the Griffith to collect Steve’s blood sample that she stored there.

Sousa: Peggy, don’t run. If you run I’ll know it’s true.
Peggy: I’m sorry Daniel.

Obviously, Sousa and Thompson run there as well, and she only just manages to elude them, thanks to Angie, who pulled a performance worth to be on Broadway… poor Thompson only response was “please stop”… points to Angie for even managing to cry on his shoulder =)!!!


When she finally thinks she’s safe to leave, she encounters Dottie on the corridor, all saint-like like Dottie is when she’s not killing people. Dottie surprises Peggy here, planting a kiss on her, laced with the lipstick that Peggy usually uses on her victims… bye bye Peggy, sweet dreams. Lucky for her, just before Dottie does anything else, Sousa and Thompson arrive and take Carter into custody.

The episode ends with Carter being howled into the SSR and beginning to being question by Sousa, Thompson and Dooley. She tries to explain that she can explain everything, she hasn’t committed treason, but they’re having none of that, and she finally is treated like one of the boys..

Don’t go easy on her just ‘cause she’s a girl.

Oh man, I know Daniel will go hard on her, the man is just broken, we can see that he really liked her. My question is if Jack might somehow be a bit more understanding of her, seeing as they were in combat together and he has seen how she works. Either way, I’m not sure how she’s going to get out of this… I mean, we know she does, but HOW?!