The Flash: The Nuclear Man

Last week Barry had to try to manage having a personal life, that is dating Linda, and his duties as the Flash.


Things did not always go alright for him, poor guy, on the first date he managed by super-speeding to the crime places and then back again, before she could notice that he was gone. The second date, however, was slightly trickier. She showed up more than willing to take things to the next level, but Barry, worried how his speed might affect everything and then getting a distressed call from Caitlin, had to bail on her, while trying to get dress, talking and leaving at the same time… stumbling a lot. Linda was more or less OK with it, until Iris told her that Barry was still hung up on someone, and that was why he was dodging her. Linda got it, and set Barry free… he did not want to be set free though, and soon was asking Iris to butt out because he doesn’t has those feelings for her anymore, and was asking Linda for a second chance, which she gave him.


Joe asks Cisco help to gather information on the murder of Barry’s mother. Soon they find that the speedsters left some blood behind, with 2 distinct genetic profiles. That’s when Joe drops the bomb: he wants Cisco to run it against Harrison Wells DNA! Cisco is appalled and refuses, but soon, after Wells suggests something unimaginable, Cisco runs the profiles, finding one match… not to Wells, but to Barry. There’s more, the proteins in the blood indicate that it did not belong to young Barry, but an adult one! So, as we have always suspected, The Flash (adult) was present in the night that his own mother was killed… time-travelling plot begins!


Caitlin and Dr. Wells try to find and help Ronnie/Dr. Stein a.k.a. Firestorm, finding out that he’s unstable and in risk of causing a nuclear explosion (hence the title). Dr. Wells’s response could not be clearer: they should kill him before he can go off. Cisco is shocked, but Caitlin isn’t standing for it, remind him that she has lost Ronnie once already, she’s not about to lose him another time. More than that, they’re talking about 2 lives. Dr. Wells tries do come up with a solution, but Ronnie/Stein has already left, in order to protect the people in the city. Caitlin and Barry go to him in the hopes that the device that Wells created works… it doesn’t and Firestorm blows up…

So, Linda and Barry is a go, Iris is super jealous, Firestorm blew up (but we know from the next week promo that both men survive), Caitlin will have her man back… why am I not excited about this?! Don’t get me wrong, I like Ronnie, not sure I like Ronnie and Caitlin though…

On my way to London!

Oh yeah! Well, I’m not currently on the go, but I will be in couple of hours =). I think I haven’t said enough times how much I love that city! Either way, I’ll be going today and I’ll stay until February 23rd.


Last time I went it was for a conference and Doctor Who 50th anniversary. This time I’ll be visiting some friends who have moved there last year. I’ll be staying in Reading (70 km from London) with them. I know London pretty well, but there are always things to do and new stuff to see.

The first stop will be Oxford! I’m pretty excited about this because I was only there once when I was about 11 years old, so I remember nothing! I’m so psyched about going to Oxford University and visiting some places used to film the Harry Potter movies!!

The next day we’ll be going to London, probably visit Camden and some other places, but late that night we’re going to The Phantom of the Opera!! =D This will not be my first Phantom, as I watched it on Broadway last year, but still, I am pretty happy about it.

While most of the other days we’ll decided what we’re going to do then, on the 21st we have a day booked, we’re going to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter, again, I’ve been there in 2013, but I’ll probably have more fun now that I’m not going alone 😉 !

Another thing that I’m really looking forward to is watching Kingsman: The Secret Service. It’ll premiere here later this month, but I really want to watch it in the UK!


Now I’m getting back to work, just a few more hours…