Movie of the Week: Insurgent

Last year I was not really convinced when I was walking out of Divergent, this year I wasn’t even sure I wanted to watch Insurgent… but hey, when you start a series, you have to keep to it, right?


It was some of the slowest 2 hours of my life. The movie felt flat for me, the story was way too simplistic, no serious surprises or a real thread through the story. Tris feels guilty, then they’re hutting divergents to open the box and the right one just happens to be her, then it’s obvious she’s gonna open it – I mean, come on, movie 2 of 4, nobody actually thought she was going to die there, right?!

I don’t know… apart for some cool effects – thanks to those simulations – there was nothing more to it. Again, the acting did nothing for me, only Kate Winslet and Naomi Watts were actually great. I’m still not convinced by Shailene Woodley and Theo James as the main couple, though, to be fair, they’re a little better on this one than the first.

I was honestly expecting a whole lot better…