Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen)

>>> Nº 2 on My 2015 Reading Challenge – A classic romance <<<

I already knew the story was good, mind you, I had seen both recent adaptations of the novel, both the 1995 mini-series and the 2005 movie. Yet, this amazing book still managed to surprise me. I loved it, I might even say that it is within my 3 top favorite books of all time! I love it so much that I couldn’t (and still can’t) quite find the correct words to put here.


Pride and Prejudice is perhaps Jane Austen’s most famous novel, and although I haven’t read the others yet, I can see why. She has a manner of writing that I had not encountered so far in the (not so) many books that I’ve read in my life. The way that she exposes the scenes and let us know exactly what everyone is thinking is refreshing, though the book is quite old. Most of the books I read are mainly from a certain point of view, so, even if another person’s thoughts are somehow apparent, they are rarely explicit. In this sense Pride and Prejudice was a marvelous change and oh, the characters are absolutely brilliant. If only people were as Jane saw them…

I have to admit that it’s quite hard for me to read Mr. Darcy and not see Colin Firth… it’s quite impossible! I think that might be the most brilliant piece of casting in all history!


I will be reading the other Jane Austen’s novels within this year, but something tells me that Pride and Prejudice is a book that will never be far away from my hands.

Rating: 4.7 stars