Shadowhunters adds Luke and Alec

They are on fire on the Shadowhunters work place thingy! Just a couple of days after announcing that Katherine McNamara will be playing Clary, today ABC Family has announced two more casting news.

luke and alec

Matthew Daddario was cast as Alec Lightwood, brother to Isabelle (Emeraude Toubia) and Isaiah Mustafa will be taking the role of Luke Garroway, father figure to Clary, in love all his life with Jocelyn and, in the show, he’ll be a NYPD detective (apart from being the adorable werewolf and gorgeous leader of the pack, that we know he is).

I’m kind of excited about Isaiah Mustafa playing Luke, I mean, I never imagined him like that, specially with the blue eyes/brown hair description, but Isaiah is gorgeous and I think he could be AMAZING!!!! Full disclose, I have a HUGE crush on Luke’s character since the first book, I root for him, and Isaiah seems to have all the charisma necessary, so well done people!

About Matthew Daddario as Alec… well… the blue eyes man, it could make a huge difference… I mean, Alex HAS TO HAVE blue eyes and black hair, he just has to, it’s Magnus favorite combo. If only Matthew had his sister’s (Alexandra Daddario) eyes, he would be super perfect. As it is, I hope he wears contacts, other than that, I’m sure he’ll be great. I do hope they make sure that he has amazing chemistry with Magnus though.

7 thoughts on “Shadowhunters adds Luke and Alec

  1. impossiblegirl123 says:

    I actually really liked Aidan Turner playing Luke in the movie, but I’m looking forward to what Isaiah will bring to the role.
    As for Alec … I’m a little disappointed. Does is sound weird if I say he looks too soft?

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