I got nominated for a Creative Blogger Award!

Hey 🙂 ! I was nominated for this award a few weeks ago by READLOVEEXPRESS and NERDY SOUL, but I’ve been so distracted/busy that I’m just now getting to it (sorry!!!).


But hey, thanks so much to the two amazing bloggers who nominated me. Now let’s get down to business. This are the rules:

1. Post the link of the blog that nominated you.

(done above)

2. Share five random facts about yourself. 

  • My love for books is fairly recent. I’ve LOVED reading for a few years now, but my new found obsession has begun at the end of last year.
  • I hate waking up early and I love to fall asleep late… which doesn’t go so well when I have to be at the lab relatively early.
  • I think that everything sound better in English. Seriously, the conversations inside my head are in English, although I was born and raised in Portugal and nobody in my family and immediate friends is foreign.
  • I don’t think my meal is complete unless it has some kind of green salad.
  • My favorite drink is tea! Is one of the many reasons why I would be great living in the UK…

3. Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify the nominees. (I’ll go for 5)

Life and Other Disasters




Merlin’s Musings

That’s a wrap! Thanks again to READLOVEEXPRESS and NERDY SOUL!!!!

10 thoughts on “I got nominated for a Creative Blogger Award!

  1. impossiblegirl123 says:

    Thank you for the nomination!! It will probably be a while until I get to it and post a response :/ (having to come up with new facts and blogs to nominatr …). Nonetheless, it’s an honor to be nominated!

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