Shadowhunters: Jon Cor cast as Hodge

For many of us who saw the movie (and I watched it before I read the book), the idea of Hodge is a middle age man. In the book however, despite being a bit run down, Hodge is described as the youngest in the circle, so, younger than Luke, Valentine and Jocelyn.

So yesterday, when ABC Family announced that Jon Cor was going to play Hodge Starkweather in Shadowhunters, I was overjoyed!


Yes people, Hodge is hot! And YOUNG!!! So, he’s a bit younger than in the book, but it’s all a question of makeup, because the weight of his “condition” should come from the inside.

I mean…

Shadowhunters BTS 3

I think this will be the last one I’ll do, but hey, the pictures are just so good, I could not pass them up.

First we finally have a picture of the Lightwood siblings and they look nice.

Then, Clace talking in Pandemonium. WOW, let’s agree that Dom Sherwood is much more like Jace than Jamie Campbell Bower ever was. And there’s that smile…

Let’s go on now to the Java Jones scene… here we have a light checking (how adorable does Simon look?):

And finally a whole lot of Simon and Clary 😀

His shirt even says “Made in brooklyn”, how perfect is that?