Love/Hate Tag

Hi, Alicia at #LoveBooks nominated me to do this tag. It’s pretty simple, you have to share 10 things you love and 10 things you hate, and then nominate some blogs to do the same. You can check her answers here, and please, do go check out her blog ;-).


10 things I love:

1. Lazy days. My favorite kind of days are those where I can sleep ‘till 1pm, then spend the afternoon in my pj’s, watching tv, movies or reading a book.



2. Books. Books, books and more books.


3. London. It’s my favorite place, it’s where I feel most myself.


4. To fangirl. About whatever it is I’m fangirling about at a certain moment in time. That was why I originally created this blog, to vent about my favorite things.


5. Autumn. It’s my favorite season. When it starts getting cold and I can start to wear jumpers and sweaters and everything is orangey… I love it so much.


6. The Starbucks/walking around with your coffee culture. I come from a place where that is not that common, mostly because ours coffees are miniscule (which is good), but I do like walking around with a big hazelnut cappuccino in my hands (1 Hz pump, soy milk, kids temperature) ;-).


7. Baking. I miss it all the time…


8. Sunday lunches. When I’m in Portugal, that is, with my grandmother, brother and nieces, occasionally my other brother, sister, nephew, mom, and all the respective husbands/wives.


9. Travelling. Anywhere, really. As soon as I walk into a plane is like a weight is lifted off my shoulders.


10. TV shows. I became really addicted the first time I came to Barcelona for my Masters. Then, I watched all of Charmed, Ugly Betty, Smallville and others. Since then, I cannot go on without my weekly dose of Television goodies.


10 things I hate:

1. Hot days. Yep, hate them, can’t stand them. Not even if it’s a beach day. I like the beach at a comfortable temperature, I hate having to come to work when there’s 35ºC outside. It drives me nuts.


2. Deadlines. Who doesn’t, right?! I admit that I work a lot better when I have one, but I still hate it.


3. Overcomplication. We all have our tiny moments of overcomplicating things, but some people just over do it.


4. Wasps. I think everyone can understand this one 😉


5. Dubbed TV and movies. In Portugal we have everything in original version. The only stuff that is dubbed are the kid’s shows and kid’s movies. Not in Spain though, here they dub everything, EVERYTHING!!!! I hate it!


6. Kids who think they are all so grown up. There’s no need to explain that.


7. Strikes. Of any kind.


8. The genetically modified organisms debate. People, if you don’t want to eat corn that has been modified, you would have to settle for this (first on the left)?

9. Talking on the phone. It’s really an inconvenience when you live so far away from most people in your life, but I never liked it… never!


10. Public Speaking. I’m generally bad at talking to ANYONE, much less to a room full of people… yeah, I might have gotten to the wrong career, giving that I’ll have to give presentations and stuff – not to mention that in academia you will have to teach class, at one point or the other…



Feel free to do this one if you like, it is actually quite fun, but here we go…

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13 thoughts on “Love/Hate Tag

  1. Dani W says:

    I’m totally spending my Saturday being lazy…

    Oh, and talking on the phone. I HATE talking on the phone. My best friend in high school (who lived three houses down from me) used to call me at night and just talk, and I would sit there going ‘uh huh, uh huh, cool’ while watching TV on low volume. Phone conversations are just awkward for me, especially finishing them.

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