Shadowhunters BTS (week 2)

Here we go, week 2!

The first one is actually from the beginning, but I had missed it:

Luke, Clary, Jocelyn and Simon! Oh, the family is all there!

I love this one so much, CLACE!

Then we had the release of the 2 promos, sure, they weren’t exactly what I was expecting it, but it gave us a few good shots of the cast:

And Luke and the police station!!!

Matt watching some dailies:

Jocelyn and Clary, picture in the house:

Most of the cast(‘s chairs):


Clary looking good:

Simon and the band’s van:

And the van outside the INSTITUTE:

Matt again (are gonna see him in action?!):

Kat, Dom, Alberto and Isaiah working out… without shirts! OMG!

And finally, the trio, a.k.a, Simon, Clary and Jace – they look awesome!

And, obviously, Harry Shum Jr likes to document stuff on his Snapchat, and filmed an hilarious training session. I especially like Dom and Alberto’s fight.