Shadowhunters BTS Week 3

I was going to wait out until the end of the week… but on the third day they have already posted way to many pictures, so here we go…

603277716 (1)

Jon Cor decided to share a pic after working out…

A great picture of Jace and a stele. I know the light is a bit wooky, but I could swear that he’s using contacts… also, that stele!!!

Episode 2 began filming with Jocelyn and Luke (I’m really liking this):

Then some pictures of Izzy:

More BTS

Mother and daughter

This one is hilarious

Specially when Alan (a.k.a. Valentine) decided to comment it:

A couple of nice “Clace” pictures:

Day 12 of filming gave us a couple of very nice Sizzy/Izzy pics:

And also, a shirtless Simon…

This, OMG, this:

And the 4 shadowhunters… chairs!

And… the trio ready for a hunt – and this one might just be my favorite picture of all…

Should we even care that Simon’s “sword” has some kind of pink stuff in it?

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Decisions, decisions.

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42 thoughts on “Shadowhunters BTS Week 3

          • impossiblegirl123 says:

            but that’s the thing. None of the Twitter ones open, only like 3 random ones. So, I just click on the links for each and open a dozen tabs hahaha that’s how I got it mixed up.

          • MyTinyObsessions says:

            ohhhh, that’s a lot of trouble… I have to be honest, I hate putting the links up, I much prefer the pictures all alone, but in these BTS pictures it almost feels like cheating, and they usually make such good comments and such… 🙂

          • impossiblegirl123 says:

            Don’t worry about it! I think it’s not that much of a hassle, but it just means that I sometimes miss a picture or so 🙂

            I just checked Matthew Daddario’s imdb and read that he plays a role i Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List and I am majorly excited now! Have you read the book? It’s one of the books David Levithan has written with Racheln Cohn. I love all their books (Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares and Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist)

          • impossiblegirl123 says:

            Yes, it’s supposed to come out this year.
            Have you seen Nick and Norahs Infinite Playlist? The movie came out a while ago and was with Kat Dennings and Michael Cera. I loved it, evrn though it was very different from the book.

            All.of Levithan’s work is great! I have the three I mentioned that he co-wrote with Rachel Cohn and then a couple just from him as well. He’s one of my auto-buy authors. No need to think twice about buying his books for me 🙂 (although I prefer his collaborations with Cohn)

          • MyTinyObsessions says:

            I did not see that – and i love Kat dennings, so i’ll be watching it.

            I have to read something by him, soon!

            By the way, i started to watch younger, it’s really good!

          • impossiblegirl123 says:

            It felt more like mid-season at most to me. I wonder how her daughter is going to react to Josh and yes, she totally has chemistry with her boss and that’s probably also the more “logical” relationship to pursue. There’s still so much that can happen.

          • MyTinyObsessions says:

            yes. Well, I think her daughter is going to freak out… I mean, Josh is closer to her age than her mothers. And yes, age is just a number, but here life experiences might weight a whole lot more.

            I really like Josh, but I want to see what would happen between Liza and Charles. I really like Charles, he seems like such a lost puppy!

          • MyTinyObsessions says:

            yeah, but poor Josh… I mean, they love each other, but the truth is, he doesn’t actually “know” her – sure he knows her, but not the stress of being 40, a mom, divorced, etc… so I think they don’t stand a chance =(

            also, isn’t Kelsey’s boyfriend kind of a douche? I kind of liked her better with the swedish guy

          • impossiblegirl123 says:

            Kelsey’s boyfriend is the absolute worst! I hated him since she introduced him. She worked better with the Swedish author, but it kind of got ruined seen as he’s married …
            I don’t think Josh and Liza are going to last either. But hey, sometimes that works just fine. I mean Aaron Taylor-Johnson and his wife Sam are like 20 years apart and she brought children into the relationship who were closer to his age than he’s to her as well. I guess it depends how mature Josh actually is and whether he can deal with her “real” life.

          • MyTinyObsessions says:

            true, though I could totally see a wedge form between them on serious issues… I don’t know… I’m 30, and I honestly couldn’t deal with the roommates etc situation… so we’ll see.

            I’m kind of rooting for Charles though, even if it would be terrible for her relationship with Diana

          • impossiblegirl123 says:

            I’m rooting for Charles too and I totally know what you mean with them running into some relationship-trouble down the line. I think in the end she’s a lot more compatible with Charles than with Josh. I just wanted to name a successful example for age-difference in a relationship.

          • MyTinyObsessions says:

            yeah, you managed that. It all depends on the people involved. With actors what happens sometimes is that at 15 they are already pretty adult, they own houses, live alone, deal with a lot of things. They’re not the only ones, but those we hear about more often…

          • MyTinyObsessions says:

            agree 🙂

            I can’t wait for the show to return though, i really want to see how they’ll manage next. Her job too… I feel that she’s got to get a promotion soon, otherwise Diana will be on to her.

            I also saw the second episode of UnReal, and oh man, that’s truly unreal! I can’t believe she did that to the poor girl…

          • impossiblegirl123 says:

            Me too! Liza would deserve the promotion too … I felt so sorry for her when the scarf thing didnt go through …

            I know! That episode really took its toll. There are so many horrible things happening, but that was definitely among the worst possible thing they could’ve done.

            I just watched a film with Matthew Daddario hahaha it was called When the Game Stands Tall. It’s one of those overly inspirational American sports movies. I like Daddario better and better every day and his eyes are even more gorgeous than the ones of his sister.

          • MyTinyObsessions says:

            Yeah, the scarf thing was rough… 😦 I actually thought that was going to be her big break.

            unRean really got to me on that episode… 😦 and after all she’s done, her ex-roommate still released the footage… that was not cool.

            I have to start watching things with him, eheh, I’m really liking him as well. Did you see the footage of the cast playing werewolf? He seems so cool… and yes, his eyes are gorgeous! and I like them better than his sister’s as well, her just don’t seem real, while his have much more emotions on them.

          • impossiblegirl123 says:

            I thought it was going to be her big break too!

            I wouldn’t trade places with Rachel for any amount of money. And damn, just wait until you meet her parents. I actually feel really sorry for her.

            No, haven’t watched that yet, although I’ve seen that they live-streamed it at the time. And agree on the eyes as well!

          • MyTinyObsessions says:

            I feel sorry for Rachel as well, actually it’s not like I dislike any of them, they all have issues.

            You have to watch it, it’s just so funny… actually the cast seems to be getting along pretty well, so it was fun.

          • impossiblegirl123 says:

            When a cast is like that, already a team before things have aired and so willingly engaging with the fanbase, I instantly feel more connected to the show. It’s a good strategy 🙂

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