Blink-182 (an ode to my 16 yo self!)

Have you heard of Blink-182? I’m assuming you must have, if you’re more than 20, that is.


Blink were my last favorite band, since then I never actually focused much on bands anymore, and more on individual music. Still, back when I was 15 to 18, I LOVED Blink 182. I had posters, I had all the CDs and even some singles. They were even the reason I made my first order on… mind you, that was something like 15 years ago, we didn’t even have high speed internet yet, and delivery took something around 30 to 45 days!

I’ll also admit that I had the hugest crush on Mark Hoppus, and it was my biggest celebrity crush to date! And that is saying a lot…

I still carry some of their musics around on my phone… so, why am I talking about Blink-182 today?! I guess I’m feeling old, with my 31th birthday tomorrow, I just realized that it had been too long, so I opened Spotify and I’ve been listening to my last favorite band for a few hours and yep, still love them.