Doctor Who: Premiere date and Trailer

Doctor Who season 9 has a date! It will be back September 19! And there’s a trailer (see below).


The trailer looks so GOOD! I have to admit that season 8, with its highs and lows, didn’t quite do it for me, which has absolutely nothing to do with Capaldi, who I love as the Doctor, do much so, that I’m yet to watch the Christmas Special (yeah, I know, shame on me!).

So it appears that Missy will be back, which can be good (although, again, I was not a big fan on season 8). Clara will also be back. And Maisie Williams!!!! Maisie is probably the thing I’m most excited about… 😀

7 thoughts on “Doctor Who: Premiere date and Trailer

  1. Josephine says:

    “I’m the Doctor, and I save people!” Am I the only one who giggled when he said that? I’m sorry it sounds so anti climatic against the legendary music and his tone of voice. But nonetheless I’m excited.

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