Red Queen (Victoria Aveyard)

>>>>>  Nº 37 on My 2015 Reading Challenge –A book with a color in the title <<<<<


This is a world divided by blood – red or silver.

The poverty-stricken Reds are commoners, living in the shadow of the Silvers, elite warriors with god-like powers.

To Mare Barrow, a 17-year-old Red girl from the Stilts, it looks like nothing will ever change.

Then Mare finds herself working at the Silver palace, in the midst of those she hates the most. She quickly discovers that, despite her red blood, she possesses a deadly power of her own. One that threatens to destroy Silver control.

I enjoyed this book so much! I was a bit worried because a lot of people on Goodreads wrote that this book felt similar to a lot of others YA dystopian books, or that they didn’t enjoy it. I did. As regards to the similarities between this and other stuff, sure, there are a few, but isn’t that kind of normal? Also, powers, a bit like The X-Men, which is kind of awesome!

So, Red Queen follows the story of Mare Barrow, a 17-year-old Red girl who finds herself serving the royal family and soon after discovers that even though she has red blood, she has a Silver power. From then on, she has to pretend to be a Silver raised as Red, live with the Silver Royal family, and even face the potential marriage to one of the Princes.

I really liked the writing style, and even though there are similar elements to other books, Victoria Aveyard put a few twists in there that no one could predict or expect, and let me tell you, they are heart-wrenching!

I liked Mare as a character, though I wished she wasn’t so quick to judge some situations… she trusts some people way too easily, and then those she should trust, she doesn’t… but she grows up a lot throughout the book.

I ADORED Cal. From his first appearance I liked him. I would have liked to read a bit from his point of view, because it sure would have been different from Mare’s, right?

The World building was fine, though here I have to admit that the similarities to The Hunger Games were a lot, that ship journey was way to reminiscing to Katniss and Peeta’s journeys by train. But I want to see more of this world, especially now that they “expanded” it.

I hope that the world will expand more on the second book, and that we see Cal and Mare evolve a lot more.

The powers were AMAZING! (Have I mention how much I LOVE The X-Men?!)… The only “trouble” I have with them is how this powers are inherited, Victoria clearly states that the kids get their father’s powers, just as they are, but it got me thinking… how?! They state that the powers are because of a mutation, their genes evolved, ok. So, the only thing that the father gives to its sons without recombination, is the Y chromosome, which only exists in males. So how? It doesn’t matter for the story, but it bothered me that the powers were that linear, because that would be so improbable.

And also, for a moment there I could have sworn that Maven not only has his father’s power, but that he got something from mommy as well! What do you think? Is it possible? Did you think the same?

*** Warning – this will contain HUGE SPOILERS ***

That twist though, right?

I will admit that I knew that something was coming, because I spoiled myself and read one of the last pages of the book, and went on Tumblr, so I knew that Maven would betray them. I did not see coming the how… and wow, that scene where Queen Elara control’s both Cal and his father and makes Cal cut the king’s head… WOW! =| I actually had to stand up, put down the book and go for a swim, that scene twisted everything inside me. It is one thing to be the villain, and plot and be generally bad… but what she did?! WOW! That’s a whole different kind of crazy and bad!

And Maven?! I remind you that I knew he was going to turn on them and still, while I was reading the book, I couldn’t help but really liking him. So, naturally, my heart was broken when he betrayed Mare, the Resistance, but most of all Cal, Cal really loved him, and he broke his heart.

And the way he manipulated Mare? I think he actually did like her, he just couldn’t stand to lose yet another thing for his brother, I guess. Though Mare’s romance with Cal was so brief that I was stupid when she actually believed that cal would betray his father and country for her. Not that he wasn’t man enough to do it, he’s just more of a soldier than that.

The Resistance felt a little underdeveloped for me. I kind of didn’t like that Mare was willing to trust them just like *that*, but I really hope that we get to see more of them on the second book, especially of her brother (who also has a power). I do hope that they get along with Cal somehow, because that is bound to be awkward!

Kilorn… I don’t like him. I hope he’s not the endgame for Mare, seriously, no, just no. Also, I want her with Cal, just saying.

Rating: 4.3 Stars


10 thoughts on “Red Queen (Victoria Aveyard)

  1. Analee @ Book Snacks says:

    So glad you enjoyed it! I’ve been meaning to read this for soo long and although the majority of the reviews I’ve read have been positive, there have been some negative ones too. 🙂 So it’s great that you found it to be a worthwhile read! Can’t wait to read this one. ❤

  2. Dani W says:

    “I enjoyed this book so much! I was a bit worried because a lot of people on Goodreads wrote that this book felt similar to a lot of others YA dystopian books, or that they didn’t enjoy it. I did. As regards to the similarities between this and other stuff, sure, there are a few, but isn’t that kind of normal? Also, powers, a bit like The X-Men, which is kind of awesome!”

    So you just basically summed up my thoughts on this book! I was also thinking it reminded me of X-Men. XD

    And Maven, I didn’t trust him from the beginning, but then I didn’t really know who to trust. I kept thinking he was too bitter from being left out of his father’s attentions, and he was his mother’s son. I kept thinking something was off, that he was TOO nice to Mare, and so I also read the last couple of pages when I got to just after the explosion scene. I didn’t really understand those pages though, aside from how Cal and Mare hated him so much. The last few chapters were such a surprise!

    I agree with you on Cal and Kilorn. Such a mess for Mare, but there’s chemistry between her and Cal, while I figured that she and Kilorn were friends who originally figured they’d end up together out of inertia/convenience before she got pulled into the castle.

    • MyTinyObsessions says:

      I thought the same about Kilorn, though she’s not in a good place with Cal right now, she tried to use him and take advantage of him, and still he protected her as long as he could… he’s a good guy. I do hope they’re are end game.

      Same thing about Maven, he was just so damn nice, like, something had to be wrong there! And his mother! And everyone kept telling Mare not to trust anyone… I can’t wait for the next one.

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