Shadowhunters: cast picture

Yesterday, after Kat’s Q&A on twitter, she released a photo of the main cast (minus Simon), in costume, probably in Magnus loft for his party. Check it out.


So what do you think? I read a lot of people complaining about Clary’s outfit, remember please, the dress belongs to Izzy, is supposed to be short and revealing. About Isabelle’s dress, I can totally see her using that, she uses some weird stuff throughout the books. About Magnus not being sparkly enough, we’re not having a proper look at him.

I think they all look great, Dom (Jace) is especially hot, as well as Matthew (Alec), as usual too.

49 thoughts on “Shadowhunters: cast picture

  1. Amy Couttas says:

    I am so excited about this show!! I’ve never read the books (I know shameful) but the idea behind them has always had me interested and now it’s becoming a series!! I don’t think there anything wrong with her dress?? I guess I’m not as connected to the characters to have an opinion about it. This is going to be such a hot cast! I can’t wait to have new celebrity crushes haha!!

  2. thelittlebookaffair says:

    I feel like I might be the only one that didn’t really picture Dominic as Jace. I didn’t really see Jamie as Jace either, but I dunno. I’m still super excited for the show though. I think the rest of the cast is perfect.

  3. Analee @ Book Snacks says:

    Ooh this picture is having me super excited for the show to be released… and wanting it to come out, like, NOW. 🙂 Clary’s dress is definitely revealing, but I think it’s what it should be like, after all, in the book, the dress was said to be very short and a top on Isabelle. ❤

  4. impossiblegirl123 says:

    Maybe everyone is complaining because Kat actually looks really confident in the outfit and I’m sure that Clary would feel too exposed to be comfortable in it. But I think absolutely everyone look great and it’s not like a still from a scene or anything like that anyway.
    Also, I could totally see Magnus wearing like glittery or flashy shoes hahaha

      • impossiblegirl123 says:

        Right, that’s what I meant! So, it makes sense that they are not 100% in character.

        Journey was fine so far. I’m just really realising that I did not plan this through because I have no idea what I’m going to do for two more weeks hahaha

          • impossiblegirl123 says:

            I have a plan for tomorrow (Doctor Who Experience here I come!) and I can maybe imagine something for 2 more days, but after that I’m a bit out of ideas. I met a nice bartender though and I’m hoping to meet even more people. Maybe they’ll know something for me to do hahaha

          • impossiblegirl123 says:

            I’m so excited!! I don’t even care how much admission is or anything like that. I just want to immerse myself in it!
            Well, I ate at the same place two nights in a row and then he introduced himself to me because I’m pretty sure I am going to eat there most of the time now.

          • MyTinyObsessions says:

            I wanted to go there the last couple of times I went to London, but it just never worked out. Next time though, I promised myself that I would go next time. I want to see Wales, it’s the only country from the UK that I don’t know yet.

          • impossiblegirl123 says:

            I felt so deeply for Demelza and Ross! It was breaking my heart! I mean Demelza only helped the others out because she’s such a kind person and then she looses her daughter because of it? I am just so happy Ross finally openly committed to her alone!

          • MyTinyObsessions says:

            when I saw the “next episode” images, I thought that Francis’ son was going to die… and then it was Julia 😦

            I cried so much. Yes, it was nice for him to finally say it, but he had kind of said it before (not in so many words). But then poor Demelza, saying goodbye to her daughter and her husband is taken away 😦

          • impossiblegirl123 says:

            Well, I don’t think Demelza ever fully realised it. She thought he just felt obliged to be with her and that he didn’t have the same feelings as she does for him. Anyway, if the series is anything like the books, he’ll never be over Elisabeth completely and apparently do something terrible.
            I hate the cliffhanger in the end. At least we know the show does continue at some point.

          • MyTinyObsessions says:

            oh, I don’t like the sound of that! I like Demelza, and only Demelza.

            I thought he wasn’t the best husband for a while in that episode, when he’s so full of rage that he leaves her alone to go to the ship wreck… I didn’t like it

          • impossiblegirl123 says:

            I was so mad at Ross for having like double standards. He was furious at Demelza for “smuggling” letters but he didn’t even think twice before helping his friend escape punishment for killing his wife. I know that he didn’t kill her on purpose but she’s dead now either way. Ross didn’t even flinch but he gives her the silent treatment for weeks?

          • impossiblegirl123 says:

            Oh don’t get me started on George. He’s such a prick. What on earth is his motivation in life other than to make people miserable so he can get what he wants?
            I’m sorry but I need to go to bed now. Need to be well rested for tomorrow 🙂

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