Wandering About: Germany (2006 FIFA World Cup)

Here I am again, talking about my journeys through places… I’m still in Europe and, remarkably, on the same year as Paris… 2006 was a good year for traveling!


Going to the 2006 FIFA World Cup was a totally unique and marvelous experience for me. My mom decided she would take all her 4 kids to Germany because Portugal was there, but more, so was Angola, and given that my mom lives in Angola, she could score some tickets there – Portugal and Angola landed on the same group 😉 !!!

So, I went with my mom and younger brother to Frankfurt, then my sister and older brother joined us. The four of us went to the Angola-Portugal in Cologne :D. The game was great, Angola was just happy to be at the final stage of such a competition, and all the stadium spoke Portuguese, it was a beautiful thing to behold. Portugal won!

After that first game, my sis went back to Portugal, and her husband came to join us – yeah, even the in-laws came for the fun. We even snuck in a visit to Portugal’s training site ;-).


Hannover was the next stop, and we went to see the Mexico-Angola game, which ended up a draw, but was super fun to watch.

Next day it was the Portugal-Iran (2-0) which was definitely the high point of the journey. As soon as the game ended, it was time for me, my brother and mom to go back home. My older brother stayed a few more days and watched the 3rd game.

Portugal ended up doing very well, and we placed 4th in the competition, losing our last game to Germany. This was a World Cup full of emotions, on the 1st of July 2006 in Gelsenkirchen, Portugal played with England, in that infamous game when we won during the penalties, and our goalkeeper defended without his gloves… EPIC, and then Ronaldo took us to the next step!

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