Wally West is coming to The Flash

The CW has announced yesterday another addition to The Flash cast. Keiynan Lonsdale is joining the second season of the show as a series regular, playing none other than Wally West.


Who is Wally West you ask, and why does the name sound so familiar?! Well that might be because he’s also known as the Kid Flash, the Barry Allen’s Flash sidekick, and he is the third person to go by The Flash.

In the comics Wally is Iris’s nephew, though I imagine that for the show they will probably make him her cousin or something. But what does this mean? Is Barry getting a sidekick so early in the game? Will Wally be introduced in the series for long-term plans? What? What? I’m getting quite excited about this second season!

8 thoughts on “Wally West is coming to The Flash

  1. partnersinbooks says:

    I did not know you like the Flash Cristina!! It made me love you even more!!!!! I’m a huge fan of this series and I also absolutely adore The Arrow. UGH ❤ Can't wait for their next seasons.

    • MyTinyObsessions says:

      LOL, I love everything about SUPERHEROES, though I’ll admit that I’m more of a MARVEL girl myself. Though in terms of TV, The Flash, Arrow, Agent Carter, Daredevil and AOS have a special place in my heart 🙂

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