Crown of Midnight (Sarah J. Maas)

>>>  Nº 22 on My 2015 Reading Challenge – A book that scares you #2 <<<


Celaena Sardothien, royal assassin, is the King of Adarlan’s deadliest weapon. She must win her freedom through his enemies’ blood – but she cannot bear to kill for the crown. And every death Celaena fakes, every lie she tells, put those she loves at risk.

Torn between her two protectors – a captain and a prince – and battling a dark force far greater than the king, Celaena must decide what she will fight for: her liberty, her heart or the fate of a kingdom…

*** Warning, there will be SPOILERS – because it’s quite impossible to talk about this second book in the series without spoiling something! ***

Holy smokes, this book is good! I put this one within the same category as Throne of Glass – a book that scares you – because the second half of this book had me scared to death, not because I was afraid that Celaena would die, but because I was afraid that she had lost herself.

This one definitely has more twists and turns than the first one, and crap, I did not see them coming!


(sorry, but this quote is just super fantastic!)

First, about the guys, I love Dorian to death, he will always be my number one choice. With that said, I was glad that Celaena and Chaol got together in this book, the feelings were there from the start and they had to be addressed sometime or another. I even think that maybe she’ll never love anyone as much as she loves him, that doesn’t mean I want them together.

It really bothered me though that she couldn’t quite handle Dorian in the beginning of the book, they had just broken up and she was being cold, distant and mean to him… I mean, I know why, the girl is 18 years old, I don’t think she actually knew how to deal with it anyother way. But I was glad about Dorian’s reactions, he was always the bigger man, he knew that Chaol liked Celaena and vice-versa, and took a step back and allowed them to be…


Now, Celaena and Chaol, like I said, I like that it happened. They were cute and for a moment there I was almost rooting for them! I mean… Chaol certainly started to say more than he thought he should and he was cute and embarrassed and swoon…


And that dance…


And his birthday… wow, Chaol certainly had a GREAT birthday!!!


I honestly loved their little romance, and I say little because it lasted way too little time. Seriously, with that kind of emotional “break-up”, Sarah could have least given the guy one whole month of happy sexcapades in his office or the broom closet, right?

But then the world came tumbling down and it broke my heart… Nehemia! To be honest, I wasn’t 100% sold on the Princess, she was a bit shady to me, but I enjoyed her girly times with Celaena and understood her importance to her, and then THAT happened, and it broke everything! And suddenly she was facing Dorian, and attacking Chaol, and scratching him and wanting to kill him (thank God for Dorian’s magic!), and torturing people, and sharing wicked grins with the King, and I got really scared, suddenly I was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to came back from that…


Speaking about Dorian, he has MAGIC!!! Wow. I love it, and I love the why, why he’s able to retain something that everybody else lost. This book opens up the door for a whole lot of other stuff and I’m loving it. And all that action beneath the library!!! 😀

Archer Finn!!!

I did not saw that coming!!!! And it didn’t quite shocked me the way he ended up…

I loved that Dorian and Celaena became friends again, and that she realized that she had him. But even though I love LOVE Dorian, I do understand why Chaol did not tell her about the threat or the interrogation to Nehemia, I also see why her trust was broken, but she could have at least tried to see his side of the matter (especially after what Nehemia tells her through the portal).

This book was the perfect setup for Heir of Fire (which I’m currently reading), it has much more intrigue and mystery than Throne of Glass, and much much more magic!

I’ll tell you, for a moment there I could almost see myself shipping Celaena and Chaol (because god damn it, they’re so cute). But then when he finds out what and WHO she is, I didn’t like his reaction. I hated that he kept his distance, that he made the decision to send her away without talking to her first (even if it was for her best), and I hate that when he found out her real identity, his first thought was of the threat that she was to his kingdom and King, even though he now knew what the Kind’s been doing.

By the way, in the first book review I said that I might name my “firstborn” Celaena, but now I’m thinking that Aelin sounds much more majestic! Aelin and Aedion would be great names for twins ;-). I’m loving Sarah J. Maas’s names :D! (small remark, as I do not plan to have kids anytime in the foreseeable future, and I just got my Kindle, I decided to name it Aelin! Yes people, my Kindle has a name.)

Rating: 4.8 Stars


16 thoughts on “Crown of Midnight (Sarah J. Maas)

  1. lovingyoochun says:

    I haven’t read the series yet but it’s always in front of me in reviews and challenges and tags so I have to read it at some point. According to your awesome review I have to do it asap!

  2. Josephine says:

    I’m so glad you loved it! This book was full of crazy twists, I was wide eyed with shock when reading the last few scenes! Chaol and Celaena! I agree they were too short-lived, I wanted them to last longer *sniffle sniffle*.

    • MyTinyObsessions says:

      I was on the edge of my seat for those last moments as well.
      They were super short lived – and hey, I’m mostly team Dorian, but still, they could have had a bit more time. Still, lets agree, that for a week, they were pretty active!

      • Josephine says:

        I’m so torn in terms of what team I’m on. I don’t know whether to pick Dorian or Chaol. In terms of the boys themselves, not in a relationship with Celaena, I love Chaol, Dorian, Rowan and AEDION quite equally. Sarah J Maas, WHY did you have to create so many swoon worthy men?!

        • MyTinyObsessions says:

          true, I’m not dead set either. I want her to be happy!

          But the guys all deserve happiness too =/

          As much as I love Chaol, and I do, and I love him with Celaena, I don’t think they can come back from that. Even though I think her anger was misplaced, she doesn’t trust him and he can never trust her completely either 😦

          • MyTinyObsessions says:

            😦 yeah! It was that last scene that steered me away from Chaol, though he kind of redeems himself in Heir of Fire, but the way he automatically saw her as a threat, broke that hope more than her attempt to kill him 😦

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