The Harry Potter 30 Days Challenge #13

Welcome back for the 13th day of The Harry Potter 30 Days Challenge! As you know by now, Leannaatc @Short Story Long had this idea of a month full of Harry Potter and you can find the prompt for each day here here.

the hp 30 days challenge

– Day 13: Your least favourite movie? –

As I had said a while back in The Harry Potter Tag, my least favorite movie is Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

The two first movies were crucial to the establishment of this franchise, for sure, however the kids still couldn’t act much and the design was still not 100% perfected… While that was more than ok in movie 1, because we saw the magic for the first time, and all the world building, on Chamber of Secrets it just didn’t work for me. Also, it might have something to do with Chamber of Secrets being my least favorite book as well.

And as much as I will always be thankful to  Chris Columbus for bringing the Harry Potter magic into our screens, I’m glad he stepped aside for the 3rd movie, when in my opinion, the movies got a whole lot better…

– Day 1: Favorite Book? – 

– Day 2: Favorite Movie? –

– Day 3: Is there anything in the film adaptations that annoyed you? – 

– Day 4: Who’s your least favourite female character and why? – 

– Day 5: Who is your favourite male character and why? –

– Day 6: Which house would you want to be in? –

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– Day 11: Which character would you say you are most like? – 

– Day 12: Favourite ship? –

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