MARVEL: Visual Guide to Marvel Character Movie Rights

I’ve read some confusion on some people about Marvel characters and movies, and who goes where, why, what and when in the movie industry. I stumbled upon this AMAZING (up to date) graphic that pretty much explains it all.

This image belongs to The Geek Twins.

I just love how Stan Lee doesn’t belong to anyone, but everyone belongs to him!

21 thoughts on “MARVEL: Visual Guide to Marvel Character Movie Rights

  1. impossiblegirl123 says:

    Just some Marvel-related stuff that’s going through my mind:

    Do you remember how I kept whining about Quicksilver dying in Avengers 2? I just thought about it and they not once called him Quicksilver in the entire movie. That’s my hope for him not actually being dead. Scarlet Witch resurrected him before, so she might as well do it again.

    I can’t believe how bad the reviews for Fantastic Four are. I still want to see it so bad because I love the cast. I’m probably going to watch it next week. I don’t want to be disappointed 😦

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