The Harry Potter 30 Days Challenge #24

Welcome back for the 24th day of The Harry Potter 30 Days Challenge! As you know by now, Leannaatc @Short Story Long had this idea of a month full of Harry Potter and you can find the prompt for each day here here.

the hp 30 days challenge

– Day 24: Which scene did wish was filmed, but wasn’t –

Obviously there are a lot of scenes that I wished had made their way into the movies, because they were epic. A lot of them has to do with whole plotlines, such as SPEW or Winky or Peeves or Firenze, that never made it into the movies. So, those would actually be a lot of scenes, and I won’t mention them again.

There are a few scenes that I wished has been done differently, two in particular come to mind, and it’s the kisses scenes. The kisses in the movie always came out as awkward, especially those between Harry and Ginny, and I wished that their first kiss in Half Blood Prince had been true to the book, you know, in the middle of the common room, with everyone around…

That movie-kiss bothered me more than Ron and Hermione’s first kiss in the movies – a scene that I also wished was just like the book, because the book-scene was awesome.

Another scene that I was had been included was the one that explained the life of Albus Dumbledore, and what had happened to his sister Ariana…

But the one that I really wished had been included and wasn’t, was Dumbledore’s funeral. I cried my eyes out on that particular moment of the book, because everyone that had been in the books so far was there to pay their respects to the amazing wizard and person that was Dumbledore. Even the merpeople! And the giant squid.

– Day 1: Favorite Book? – 

– Day 2: Favorite Movie? –

– Day 3: Is there anything in the film adaptations that annoyed you? – 

– Day 4: Who’s your least favourite female character and why? – 

– Day 5: Who is your favourite male character and why? –

– Day 6: Which house would you want to be in? –

– Day 7: Who’s your favourite female character and why? – 

– Day 8: What’s your favourite lesson from the series? – 

– Day 9: Who’s your least favourite male character and why? – 

– Day 10: Horcruxes or Hallows? – 

– Day 11: Which character would you say you are most like? – 

– Day 12: Favourite ship? –

– Day 13: Least favourite movie? – 

– Day 14: Team Voldemort or Team Harry? –

– Day 15: Pick three characters to be your best friends at Hogwarts? –

– Day 16: Expecto Patronum! What form does your Patronus take and why? –

– Day 17: Favourite Harry Potter Fan adaptation?

– Day 18: Least favourite book? –

– Day 19: Do you prefer the books or films? –

– Day 20: If you got to meet one member of the cast, who would it be? –

 Day 21: Pick one character to bring back from the dead –

– Day 22: Would you rather read only Harry Potter for the rest of your life, or never know it existed? –

– Day 23: Which scene (book or movie) made you cry the hardest 

13 thoughts on “The Harry Potter 30 Days Challenge #24

  1. bookishthingsandtea says:

    I feel you on the first kisses. Sometimes the movies force me to not like Ginny but rereading the series made my love for Ginny strong again. I don’t know about you but I was grinning like an idiot during Harry/Ginny’s first kiss. So cute!

  2. trismoore says:

    Amazingly enough, those are the three scenes that I wished had been filmed/done differently and weren’t. Although I also wish that had of at least included some of the battle at Hogwarts before his funeral.

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