Wandering About: Philippines 2009

Hello again! Wow, it has been a while since I’ve done one of these. This time, I decided to leave Europe for a while, I showed you pictures of my 2006 trips to Paris and Germany, now let’s go to the Philippines in 2009.


In the summer of 2009 I had just finished the practical part of my masters degree and realized that I wouldn’t be able to write it up until the following September, so while I took a year off to write and present my thesis, my older brother arranged an internship for me at his clinical analysis laboratory, doing general stuff  just to keep moving…

My mom, on her hand, had a work-related trip to the Philippines in October and had invited my older sister to go along with her (given that I go most of the times, and it was only fair that she got to go that time…). My sis was super happy, ecstatic even, until around one week before when she informed my mom that she wouldn’t be going. Now, my mom had everything paid for her, the trips, hotels, everything, so she sent me a text (at my first day of my non-paid internship) that said something like this: “Would you want to go to Manilla with me next week?”…

HELL YES! Right? Everyone at work was super cool with it, super cool, really!!! And a week later I was on my 3 stop flights to Manila with my mom’s business partner – Oh, how I wished I had gone alone… The journey was something like this: Lisbon – Madrid – Bangkok – Manila! It was so worth it!

We spent a few days in Manila, but I have to be honest, I saw little to nothing of the city. I got to the hotel – the Sofitel Hotel in Manila is, by the way, the best hotel I’ve stayed in in my whole life – bright and early in the morning, but my mom would only arrive late at night (because she was coming directly from Angola, Africa). So I checked into our room (suite, actually, because they had made her an upgrade), showered in one of our 2 bathrooms, received complementary food that I hadn’t asked for, and waited until midnight for my mother to arrive… without her suitcase!

From Manila I only saw the hotel, the shopping mall – my mom needed to buy stuff, she had no suitcase – and the house of her contact there… yep, I saw nothing more. And if you think that those pictures look a little dark, let me tell you, 2009 was bad year there, a lot of hurricanes… really bad weather… But the plan was never Manila! Actually, we were about to spend a week in paradise, and by that I mean Boracay!

The island is pretty small, the boats don’t even dock (see those pics where guys are carrying people?! Yes, that’s how we were supposed to get out of the boats, and how they transport our luggage) – I said screw it and jumped into the water, because I wasn’t about to let two man carry me anywhere…

I loved Boracay, it’s amazingly beautiful. We did nothing all day except lying on the beach, drinking watermelon juices and sleeping… The streets aren’t even wide enough for two cars to go by, so the tuc-tucs are the main form of transportation. We could go from our hotel to the shopping area by foot through the beach. We had dinner always at the same 3 places owned by the same person. It was heaven. Whenever I think of Paradise, this is it!

39 thoughts on “Wandering About: Philippines 2009

  1. Josephine says:

    This is beautiful ! I have two best friends who are filipino, and I’d love to go there. I would have liked to see pictures of your hotel room (my hotel fetish is coming forth). All the pictures of the island look simply stunning. AND THAT SUNSET! 😄 xoxo

    • MyTinyObsessions says:

      the room was great, but for some reason i didn’t took photos of inside the hotel, just the views. But the best part was the food! They had a station for each kind of cuisine… amazing.

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