Tiny Pleasures #8

tiny pleasuresOk, let’s from now on assume that I’ll do this on a monthly (or 2 weeks) basis, and not weekly, because my life is boring as hell, ok? So, The Weekly Small Pleasures is a weekly feature created by A New Life Wandering.

1. The Guild!!!

After listening to Felicia Day’s book, You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost), I decided to watch the thing that had made her (that she made). I was so not disappointed. The show is incredible and I grew super attached to these characters that I saw on screen only for a few hours…


2. Winter is closer!

DSC04646This won’t sound weird at all, if you’ve been paying attention… I hate the summer, truly truly hate it. Between the sun, me sweating buckets and the mosquito bites, I’m super ready for it to be over. So, not only are we in September, but I already made my first Winter-shopping! I bought 2 scarves (thingies) and a beanie! They’re so gorgeous!!! I can’t wait to be cold enough to wear it.


3. Amazing Blogging Month! 

This past month was incredible in terms of blogging. I posted every single day, 3 to 4 posts a day, I reached 500 followers, and I met a ton of wonderful new people. So happy!

I had a lovely time talking to everybody and posting like crazy 😀 !!!


4. Inside Out is freaking AMAZING!!!

I don’t know why I put it off for so long, but I finally went to watch Inside Out and OH MY GOSH!!! That movie is phenomenal. So many feels! I was laughing, then crying, then laughing AND crying… what a rollercoaster of emotions!


 5. I’m in love with my new Day Planner!

So so in love with it!!! Isn’t it pretty?! The only issue I have with it is that it’s in spanish… but hey, I can live with that!

6. An Empty University!

IMG_20150821_205505August is a month when nobody goes to the university. And I mean NOBODY! There were days when the sign in sheet only had a couple of pages! I don’t get it, but hey, it meant I was alone in my office (without AC, obviously, because it’s August!) and that I got to see some beautiful sunsets on my way out, without people in the way.

7. I’m going home (for a week)!

I’m spending one week in Portugal later this month. I was there in July, but I already miss home… This time I’ll be able to see my brother (he lives in Angola), so I’m happy about that.

22 thoughts on “Tiny Pleasures #8

  1. Cátia says:

    I hated when I was alone in the lab mostly because the AC was always off (I actually loved to have all the equipments just for me =P). If you come to Portugal soon enough you’ll be lucky because it’s already cold outside

    • MyTinyObsessions says:

      i love working alone at the lab 😀 I go a lot during weekends and stay home one day or so during the week, that way I do things much faster. The only problem is that the A/C is off on the offices – but we do have it inside the labs 😉

      I’ll be going on the 18th, and I do hope it’s s little bit cold 😀

      • Cátia says:

        Sometimes I would go in the weekends because I needed an cromatographic equipment and the AC was off in the labs… You can imagine that the temperature normally would mess up my work but after a few months we were able to get the AC on in the weekends if someone was in the lab

  2. Tricia says:

    I’ve seen The Guild but haven’t read her new book. I’ll have to soon! And YES, Inside Out was incredible! I read somewhere that it’s the first Disney/Pixar movie without a villain. I love that they proved people, just as people, are interesting enough to carry a film.

  3. susannahhtaylor says:

    I LOVE THAT YOU LOVE ALL THOSE THINGS!! Winter is definitely more awesome than summer. I’m a fall/winter kind of person as well. YAY FELICIA AND THE GUILD!! I think I’ll be getting to it soon. the planner is so pretty!

  4. Kim @ Tranquil Dreams says:

    You know, normally I enjoy summer and I truly do even with all the heat because we literally live in winter for 6 months or whatever. But with this summer’s constant high humidity and living for the past weekend in 40C without any A/C. I have to admit that I’m kind of wondering when hints of September weather will arrive. 😉

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