Movie of the Week: Inside Out

I’ll level with you, this has been a terrible month for my relationship with movies. I had a long list of movies that I wanted to go watch at the cinema, but each time I set a day aside to go to Barcelona to watch one, I just didn’t! I was in no mood, none whatsoever. So, the university opened again on Tuesday (1/9) and suddenly I’m not alone anymore, lol, so I thought that handling 6 hours of a lot of people was enough for one day and I left early and headed to the movies. Yes, the only thing that actually made me move was the fact that otherwise I would be listening to people for at least 5 more hours!

Anyhow… I decided to watch Inside Out, because I needed a laugh and thought that was safer than The Fantastic Four or any other action movie. Lucky for me, the movie was still at the closest Original Version Cinema in Barcelona, near Plaça de Catalunya 🙂 . It also gave me an opportunity to find out that a Costa Cafe opened near there (on the same street as a Starbucks, dumb move!) – I had lunch there, had a cappuccino, regretted it slightly… moving on!

This movie, wow, this movie is FANTASTIC!!!! Holy Crap, totally magnificent! It’s my favorite Disney-Pixar Movie, for sure.

I didn’t have much idea of the plot before it started, but I was so pleasantly surprised. I loved Riley and I loved all of her emotions and her islands, so precious. I don’t even have coherent words for it, but I’ll tell you that I was laughing and then I was crying, and then I was laughing and crying at the same time (and wiping my tears with my t-shirt because I forgot my paper-tissues). It’s ok to be happy, it’s ok to be sad, angry, and feel disgust and fear, all these emotions are part of us, and they make us complete. We are all emotional complex, deal with it!

The actors were amazing in their parts, Lewis Black as spot on! Bill Hader was Fear, and I thought he did great as well.

But the ladies were magnificent! Mindy Kaling played Disgust and OMG, she was so funny. Phyllis Smith was my favorite though, I loved Sadness, and I loved how she portrayed her. having watched every season of The Office, I immediately recognized her voice, and honestly, no one could do it as well as she. And of course, Amy Poehler does a terrific job as Joy and I loved her so so much!!!!

I can’t say enough how amazing this movie is. Have you seen it? Did you liked it?! 😀

35 thoughts on “Movie of the Week: Inside Out

  1. trismoore says:

    This movie was so adorable! I loved it! It was amazingly funny and sad and it wasn’t what I was expecting at all.

    When the islands were falling and Joy and Sadness were traveling together and Joy just kind of lost it with her, I was so heartbroken! Then when Riley’s imaginary friend…that was just so tragically bittersweet.

    • MyTinyObsessions says:

      It was nothing like I was expecting either. I read it was good, but I had kept away from spoilers.

      and yes, the islands falling broke my heart… when the family island cracks, oh my, I was a sobbing mess. and the imaginary friend 😦 the sacrifice… (i’m so glad there were only 2 more people in that theatre)

  2. impossiblegirl123 says:

    I cried so much during that movie!!
    Something different though: did you read the debate over how Riley had like male and female emotions, whereas her parents had female/male only? There are like tons of threads devoted to that and what it could possibly mean hahaha

  3. IAmDonovan says:

    I loved the movie too! I agree with you, the casting was perfect! Phyllis’ voice was so perfect for Sadness and having Amy as Joy was also great because it was like hearing Leslie Knope! And even Mindy as Disgust was cool because after seeing her as Kelly on The Office, it was clear she could do that personality perfectly!

    • MyTinyObsessions says:

      true! But I knew that Mindy was doing disgust, but I didn’t recognize her voice as easily. Nor did I recognize Amy’s (though I knew it was her), maybe because I’ve never watched Parks and Recs

  4. Zhana says:

    I loved this movie. Nobody wanted to come watch it with me so I went alone and after that I felt such satisfaction when explaining how awesome it was 😀 Especially because I’ve watched one of the last projections in the cinema 😀

  5. Prima says:

    Inside Out was amazing! It had such a clever story line and the characters were adorable. I can’t wait to see what comes after the movie… heard there would be a short coming out soon 😀

  6. readersandmore says:

    I saw Inside Out and loved it! There was a few parts where it just seemed to drag on forever but other then that, I love the overall message the movie gives and would definitely watch it again.

  7. Matt says:

    I LOVED this film, I thought the whole idea was brilliant before I even saw the film. But when I went to see it I was so impressed, it has been ages since I saw a great animation.

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