Wandering About: Cargèse 2011

Welcome again, to another week of Wandering About. Today is a fast and quick post, celebrating the end of summer here in Europe and, with that, the beach days – though I have to tell you, I haven’t set foot at the beach yet this year! So, moving on, in October of 2011 I went to Cargèse, Corsica, for a week of Summer School of bioinformatics.


I’ll admit that before I had to make plans to go there, I had little idea of where Corsica was, how to get there or what language they speak. But the Summer Course was very compelling, and I made plans to go with a friend. The price included room as well, so that was one less thing to worry about. Corsica is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, located west of Italy, and belongs to France.

That was the view from our room. Me and my friend were lucky enough to stay at the same place of the course. So it was just wake up, get dressed, breakfast and classes, and then I could pop up into the room whenever I felt like it, which was good, because some of the classes were boring as hell! This, however, was in the middle of nothing! While they provided for lunch, diner was an entirely different thing and we had to walk to the village to eat, which was at least 2 Km each way, most of that made in a trail within the wood without lights… it was super fun and scary!

We ended up meeting a lot of cool people there and it was definitely the most fun I had at an academic related thing. I wish I had some pics of the village itself, but I just went there at night and we mostly took photos of each other during our diners.

By the way, the water was magnificent! Even though the weather was already getting a bit cold, the water was warm and nice. We would all step into the beach everyday after lunch and before afternoon classes. And then me and a couple of other girls decided to skip an afternoon of boring stuff and just stay there at the beach – best decision ever!

17 thoughts on “Wandering About: Cargèse 2011

  1. transhaan says:

    Absolutely beautiful shots you got there. That must have been a pretty fun trip considering you even got some sight-seeing action while doing your academically related stuff !

    – Lashaan

  2. Aneta says:

    That looks absolutely beautiful! I wish I did that sort of thing before it was too late – travelled more and what not..now I’m stuck behind a desk every day and already 25!
    Great post – good inspiration to get out more 🙂 xx

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