Musical Connections #3


Hello, and welcome back for my third post about Musical Connections. As I mentioned previously, I decided to post about those musics that I can’t dissociated from something else, whether TV shows, movies, games, or any other events in my life. In week 1 I talked about Smallville and week 2 I mentioned Doctor Who, this week however I’m staying away from TV Shows.

I mentioned in my latest award post how addicted I was to the Gym, especially Les Mills Body Training Systems, a few years back. It was serious! LOL. So much in fact, that those programs supplied me with most of my music throughout several years. There are a lot of musics that I associate with them, but today I bring you Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor, yeah, you read right, I’m associating Rocky III’s theme music to Body Combat, and it has little to do with the fighting quality of it.


Body Combat first appeared in the year 2000, and I started doing around late 2000/2001, so there weren’t a lot of playlists yet, just a few, and I was quickly to learn all the musics and choreographies, especially the ones I loved the most. Eye of the Tiger was the warm up of the second Body Combat program, and my favorite for years to come!

‘Till this day, if the music is playing, I go back to those first months of doing Body Combat, of the full room, the excitement, my favorite instructors, the laughter, …, and then I think of later years, when we would request the song and they would do it, and we (people who had been doing it for years), loved it and were ecstatic. 🙂

I remembered it especially this week, when I went to do Body Combat (now in the 64th playlist) for the first time in 6 years (probably). I still love the concept, and the ability to drift off and kick people in my mind, but I hated the tracks and I didn’t like the class or the instructor, and it made me miss terrible all my Body Combat hours back in the day, where I was introduced to fantastic songs from all the eras, and learn how to punch and kick.

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